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I would love to thank and give a big shout out to LonWolf27  for the best cover ever. She design my book cover so feel free to go support they make the best covers.

And would love to thank the persons who took the time out in reading my book. Thank you and I hope you enjoy, I work so hard thank you once again.

Heartless:- displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration.

A story of a girl whose only dream was to dance on the biggest stage of history to fullfill hope and to make her parents proud. Before her flight to new york to attend the biggest dancing school (RWN) she had a dream of a dark haired boy with light brown eyes. She felt the dream was real but choose to ignore.

Her choice didn't matter as she got in an accident by the act of the so called Jayvin Black McGill the bad boy/ gangster and playboy. She lose her memory of the accident, adding to a broken right leg and also of who Jayvin Black was.

Follow Eliza Bolton on the ride of a twisted love, fallen stars and reality.

"You made this happen, now I'll make your life hell," he ran his finger along the outline of my skin in its rise shiver appears, he breaths making sure his lips were close enough to my ear.

"The hell I've live in for the past 6 years", he lifted his head connecting his eyes with mines. I wanted to run but how could I, he bond my hands.

"Shall we begin"...

Please don't copy my story I work extremely hard on all my work it wouldn't be morally right for someone to steal it. *throws holy water* god be with you.

And if my story is similar to anyone out there believe me I sit my ass down coming up with all the plots and scenes. Its not an easy work....

Now let me not hold you any longer on with the story🎉🎉

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