Chapter 39: M.I.R.E

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Chapter 39: M.I.R.E.

The Terran System was becoming a problem. The latest crisis forced the Galactic Council to convene an emergency session. This marked the third such gathering over the last 100 solar cycles, which was two more than any of the other 13 Unenlightened Systems currently being Monitored within Sektor V. The previous Terran Interventions were brought about by 1945's nuclear awareness and a near-total global economic collapse in 2008. In addition to these events, there were other close calls in recent decades that very nearly required external intercession, most notably in 1961 and again in 2001. The Terran System, or Earth as it was known indigenously, was testing the patience of the Council.

Only 16 of the 24 permanent Council Members were able to join on such short notice, but this level of participation was sufficient to proceed. The Council's Chairman from Arcturus began the proceedings. Per standard protocol, physical gestures and telepathic communication were allowed but direct audible exchanges were not permissible.

Raizor Quintavius stood up before the Council. Physically he was not much different than the average Arcturian, standing approximately four feet tall, with very slender appendages and dark, nearly black, large eyes. Quintavius politely, and silently, welcomed each of the Council Members before commencing the proceedings.

"I would like to thank the esteemed Members of this Council for honoring their duty on such short notice. As you all are well aware, emergency sessions such as these are quite rare and also quite serious in nature. Today, we meet to openly discuss the situation as it currently stands on the Terran System. Depending on the specifics of these deliberations, we, as a group, will decide a proper course of action. With no further delay, I now yield the floor to fellow Councilmember, Master Zulton Toeth of the Zeta Reticulon binary star system."

Zulton Toeth was a member of what the Humans referred to as "The Greys." Physically, The Greys appeared similar to Arcturians with their slender physique and very large, dark eyes. What they lacked in physical stature they more than made up in demeanor. The Greys had a long, and some would say very dark history with Terra's most dominant species. Previous interactions purportedly included direct scientific observation, abduction, memory erasure, medical manipulation, and reproductive hybrid experimentation. Incontrovertible evidence of any wrongdoing had been elusive but many of these alleged transgressions had been readily acknowledged as fact in select galactic circles. And while it was difficult to deny that the Greys, or Zetas as they were known outside of the Terran System, were a highly intelligent species, it was even harder to reject the notion that they were an extremely manipulative one as well.

Toeth stood up and slowly walked to an area directly behind the Chairman.

"Thank you, Mr. Chairman," he replied telepathically before directly addressing his audience.

"Fellow Councilmembers, we are here today to respond to a series of unfortunate events that have quickly unfolded on Terra. Perhaps the most unsettling aspect is that this latest episode is yet another example of the dominant species' inability to act as an effective steward for this beautiful and bountiful planet. As many Councilmembers are already fully aware, cataclysmic events nearly befell this wonderful world at the hands of these beings in the very recent past. And today, their inability to maintain basic order and stability has brought this Council to emergency action once again. Nearly an Earth century ago, we witnessed, with great despair, the introduction and actual use of fissionable material in the form of a genocidal weapon. It was the strong feeling of our contingency, then and now, that such a terrible injustice should have never been tolerated by this Council."

The Chairman interjected, "Master Toeth, while all of us respect your opinions of past Terran transgressions, might I ask that you please bring your discussion to, shall we say, a more recent timeframe?"

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