chapter thirty seven - my taste is better than yours

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The dance ended at 11:00, but by 10:30 most of the people had left. Lily and James had spent most of their dancing time scheming and had a whole plan ready and thought out. James was very surprised at how good Lily was at the planning bit. She'd estimated roughly how much people would be there, including the few from other houses, and knew the do's and don't's for the party goers, having been one up until that moment. But then again, he needn't be surprised. Lily was brilliant at anything she did, like a goddess, so why should planning a party be any different?

By the time the party ended, there were little to no students left. Lily and James left in a hurry, headed for their dorms to get dressed into more comfortable clothing. They intercepted no one on the way in and on their way out, though there were a few odd glances.

"Nice," James said to her with a grin, gesturing to her grey sweats and black tank top.

"Thanks," Lily did a twirl, and they shared a laugh as they headed off to the kitchen.

"So its Butterbeer, pies, pastries, those nice brownie things, ice lollies and - oh!" Lily stopped midspeech and midstride, looking shocked.

"Lily?" James hurried to her side quickly. "Is something wrong?"

"My stereo." Lily said. She looked at James. "I was thinking we could use that to play music, bit I forgot to charge it."

James didn't know what a stereo was, so he asked the only thing that made sense to him. "How long does it charge?"

"An hour." Lily looked at him apologetically. "It's fine, I should've thought of this sooner-"

"No, we can start at 12:00." James said. "Put it on charge then meet me in the kitchens,"

"Got it," she shot him a grateful look, then jogged off in the direction they'd come from.

James headed on to the kitchen, whistling subconsciously. Perhaps him and Lily would get to spend the night together again. She could teach him about Muggle music and he could tell her about his favourite wizard music.

He was still whistling when he walked into the kitchen, drawing the attention of a dozen tiny house-elves.

"Good evening, sir," one of them squeaked. "Did Sir enjoy Sir's night?"

"Trmemdeously," James said, smiling a bit at the big words he'd used, and at the conversation him and Lily had had about it earlier. More like the flirting they'd done about it.

"What can Puddy do for Sir?" The housewife squeaked, already ready.

"Uh, Puddy, could you get me-" and he rattled off everything Lily had told him to get, the house-elves watching him with wide eyes and flapping ears.

"Of course, Sir," Puddy said after he'd finished. "Puddy will not disappoint the good Sir!" An the little house-elf scurried off to gather all the food James had requested.

James sat on one of the kitchen stools to wait for Lily, and contented himself by eating the treats the elves asked him to test for them. He chewed slowly, a smile half on his face because when had his life become so good? When had Lily Evans, subject of his every thought since fourth year actually liked him for him?

There really could be no better feeling.

As if summoned by his thoughts, the kitchen door creaked open slowly, and Lily peered in. She spotted James on the stool by the counter, and smiled, coming in fully and closing the door beside her.

"Charged?" He asked as she settled down into a stool beside him.

"Yep," she offered a friendly smile at the house-elves watching them curiously. "Still 56 minutes to go,"

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