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FRIENDLY REMINDER: this book is NOT spoiler free (nor are any of my books.)

- - - - -

Nene climbed up the roof, stepping on the ladder's old wood carefully so she wouldn't fall. It was a peaceful, quiet night apart from the other student's chatter.

No one was there- at least it didn't seem like it, she looked through the telescope near her to see the bright, shiny stars. She didn't know that much about astrology, but in that moment those lights in the dark night sky fascinated her.

"This one is.." Yashiro was interrupted by a familiar voice "Scorpius."

Her head turned to where she heard the boy's voice, Amane layed in the roof tiles, his eyes glanced at Nene and then back at the stars,

"See that red star in the middle? That's the brightest star in the Scorpius constellation. It's a red giant called Antares." The radish legged girl nodded muttering a small 'Yes'

"It's actually a twin star, but its light is so bright that you can't see it's companion star with this telescope." He paused before continuing.

"The light of Antares is brighter than our sun, but it's so far away we can't see it."
"Is that so?"

"Yeah, it's a really bright star. Although the light we're seeing now is at least 600 years old, red giants are stars that will die soon- So we might not even be seeing a real one. Even if it's visible now it could already be gone."

Amane gently smiled "It's kind of like a ghost in a way!"

'A ghost' Those words echoed through Yashiro's mind, she looked at the short student.

"Amane-kun, do you want to look? Through the telescope..."

"Hmm... I'm good-" Yugi kindly denied her offer.

Her head hung low, visibly confused as why he refused "But.. It's so pretty"

He smiled. "Exactly. If I look at it too much it makes me want to go there. And i've made up my mind now, I'm not going anywhere."

She had already heard those words come from his mouth on Tsuchigomori's yorishiro, but it still shocked her hearing him say something like that.

Amane tried to lift up the mood "After all, going to space is impossible!" He laughed.

"Hanak- Amane-kun, you are Hanako-kun after all, aren't you?"
"Huh?... No, you really like saying that don't you?~" Yugi teased the red-eyed girl.

"But I am Amane-kun." Yashiro stared at him coldly, suprising the supposed 'spirit'

"What kind of person is he? Hanako-kun I mean, are we that similar?"
"... Yeah, you are similar," She paused and thought for a moment.

"Hanako-kun... He does various annoying things, he always acts like a pervert and often makes dumb jokes." Amane scratched the back of his neck, "That guy's similar to me? How?" Yashiro interrupted him.

"But, I don't.. hate him." She pressed her back against Amane's.

"I like him." The radish girl confessed.

The stars shined brightly above the two. Yugi sat there not knowing what to say or do, but it turned out he didn't need to worry about that since Yashiro interrupted his train of thought and grabbed his face so he was facing her.

"So Hanako-kun," She gulped, a determined look on her face,
"Let's escape together, to the real world!"

- - - - -

550 words, edited.

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