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"By any chance... Is this a date?" She tilted her head.

"Am i asking you on a date?"

He thought for a moment before shoving the movie tickets in her hand.

"Yeah, that's it, so... just- consider it!"

Then Amane ran out the door, leaving Yashiro standing there, dumbfounded.

- - - - -

Yashiro's hair bounced up and down as she walked to the cinema, clenching her pink dress. She was nervous since this was her first date ever. She was still trying to process Amane asking her to see a movie with him, but it was too late to chicken out, she already agreed and prepared herself for the meet-up.

The daikon girl prayed that it would go well, or at least for the conversations to not be filled with awkwardness at all. Even though she has enough knowledge from romantic anime and manga Yashiro was sure she would say something weird.

Yashiro arrived to the cinema, a few seconds later she spotted Amane waiting for her and rushed to him.

"Amane! Sorry, did I make you wait?" She looked at him with worry, snapping Yugi from his train of thought "It's fine, I got here a little early that's all"

They had a small talk and the boy extended his hand to Nene.

"Let's hurry, the movies about to start!"
"Ah- Okay!!"

- - - - -

Real life wasn't like in most romance books, you don't meet someone good looking and start dating them a few weeks later without having awkward moments. But Yashiro couldn't avoid herself to still daydreamed about it, some boys are just too pretty.

She thought Amane was pretty, his personality could be silly and troublesome but he knew when to apologize unlike most boys. He teased Nene often by calling her 'radish legs' but Yashiro didn't hate him.

"Are you okay? You have been staring at the ground for a long time." Amane said softly. Yashiro looked at him, realizing what she was thinking about when spacing out.

She shook her head with a pink blush "I-I'm okay! Don't worry." she whispered back.

Her attention directed towards the movie, Amane had an... interesting taste. A few minutes after she felt something heavy in her hand and glanced at it. Her hand had interwinded with Yugi's, the blush on her cheeks turned even redder when he smiled gently at her.

Maybe he wasn't her type, but he was still charming.

- - - - -

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