Twenty Two

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Human emotion is a ver powerful force,

but everything depends upon how you use that force in your life,

for such power can either be expressed very creatively or very destructively.



Coming back to my apartment couldn't be much happier. Dad had apparently liked the violent ways of Ace who promised Mitchell would suffer if he even looks in my way. And also, I had to meet his parents in a week seeing Ace's mom was off to a fundraising event in Africa to feed malnourished and his father was with her.

Upon entering into my apartment to waiting Cindy, Ina and apologising Imran who would bend his knee if I would forgive him and very very busy Noah who wanted to sit with Ace all the bloody time, I've even found Alice, Sophie, Clover and Elise there.

As it was Elie's wedding in a week they wanted to 'hang out' and by that they meant to get piss drunk and do almost all naughty things possible in the history of naughtiness.

'Son of a bitch!' Elise screamed while Sophie pushed the tattoo needle into her hip skin, outlining her sketch of some kind of intricate design.

I turned to look at mine on my left shoulder on the collar bone. Ace was written in a calligraphy with an extending E and forming into a red rose coloured with different shades of red. I wanted a rose as it was the very first flower he had ever given me and the font was in a cerulean blue with hints of midnight blue, like Ace's eyes. They were warm cerulean when hit with light and they were dark midnight blue when he was angry or aroused. I've mostly seen them aroused than angry.

I winced as I outlined the tattoo.

So, as hanging spot we have chosen one of the Oliver's studio come bar which even had a tattoo parlour. And as Sophie was a tattoo artist before she offered to give us each tattoos wherever we wanted. I was scared at first, but when Ina volunteered first after seeing Sophie's tattoo at the very edge of her V, which she said was a matching tattoo with Oliver, I wanted to do it.

When she asked what she wanted me to have on my skin, Ace's name flew out of my lips automatically and I blushed when all them started awwing. And also I wanted it to be on a place where people could see so hence the edge of collarbone. The rose ended at the socket joint while his name started at the middle. If one were to look closely, into the font, they could see a roman numbers, stating the date when he had confessed his love would be etched.

I marvelled the intricate way Sophie had done it and I couldn't wait until I've shown it to him. But that had to wait an other two days as he was out on yet an other business deal as he has to fly away from mid meeting because I wasn't talking to him. When he told me that, I felt like such a kid who was throwing a temper tantrum and promised myself that I would never behave like that. That I'd first have a proper conversation with him, get him to see my side of things and if he was still being an ass, then I would throw a tantrum.

'All done!' Sophie's eyes were filled with triumph looking at Alice's tattoo which I now realised were some bouquet of wild flowers.

'Clover?' she looked at Clover who was casually slipping on her beer.

'Oh no! I'm all good' she shook her head as a no.

'Oh C'mon. Don't be such a baby!' Elise looking down at her wedding ringer where she had her finance's name etched in a small cursive and smiling fondly.

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