The Laws Of Love

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So, I really became bored with my last stories. Writing started to feel like a chore (i.e. dishes) and I hate those.. P:   Anyway, I've regained a spark! I look forward to this story!  -New Chapter-

Let's get on with it, Shall we?


"So then, the chimp was running by me really fast with a hammer in it's hands and I had find a way to get away from it .." I paused dramatically.

"Aww..." Emarie nodded her head telling her to continue on before focusing on my words.

"Wait. What?" She raised an eyebrow looking in my direction.

"FIN-ALLY! I was telling you what happened at C's house and then you went all 'I'm-not-listening-but-I'm-going-to-keep-nodding-my-head' on me."

A wry smile found it's way to Em's lips, "How do you know I'm zoned out?", She countered.

"Well, besides the fact that I'm telling you a ridiculous story and you respond "Aw", you get a weird look in your eyes." I pointed accusingly.

"Your eyes look weird too." She argued.

"What are you talking about now?"

"Be that way Marissy." She replied, using the nickname I hated the most.

"Fine. I will! Miss.Vowels."

She looked at me quizzically, "Miss. Vowels?"

"Yeah," I said gesturing a 'what',"Your name has like a zillion of 'em in it."

"So, what happened at Cece's?"

"You know how she bakes those cookies you love...." I continued on with my story while walking away with my best friend.

Anywho, My name's Marissa Esther-Ridge, I'm 16. I'm 5'5 and my bestfriend's are Emarie and Aspen.I have dark brown hair - nothing crazy to talk about, and grey eyes.  I've lived here my entire life and I can't wait to leave, once I turn 18. Well, honestly...I could leave now but, that'd involve me getting a job, moving from my parents, and GETTING A JOB. I don't want to give myself bad luck or something by jumping into the work force to soon - You never know, it could happen. Possibly. Okay, so maybe not but, that's not the point. My mom's a cook at 'Sizzaro's', she makes some awesome Italian food - even though, she's not Italian. My dad is a lawyer at big time office, Cadwall, Parke, and Ridge. His name is even in the office's name. Personally, I think it's funny. "Parke and Ridge."  He says it takes a lot of work and dedication to climb that high on the ladder. I'm sorta, kinda, just a little bit afraid of heights - and I don't like ladders, all to much. They're just so DANGEROUS.

"Okay, Marissa just call me tomorrow and we can plan our surprise welcome home party for Aspen." Em said while giving me a farewell hug.

"You know what day she's coming in, yet?"

"Well, I spoke to her for about 5 minutes. Apparently, they don't have phones in C-zech-o-slo-vakia." She said slowly, probably screwing up the pronunciation.

Before I could reply my phone began to ring. I quickly hit accept on my iPhone's screen but, it didn't work. I swear, I hate when it does this!  After pressing it 10 more times, I finally was able to speak to the caller- my dad. 

"Yes? Okay. Sure. I'm already driving there. I'll pick it up. Okay, bye."

"So, that was my dad. I have to bring his presentation to his office and he says he has some news?" I questioned, more than stated to Em.

"Okey Dokey. Call me later!" She said with another parting hug.

"I will, Bye." I said while opening my car door and ducking into the seat.


I pulled my car into the parking garage of the skyscraper my dad worked at. Well, technically, he was a partner in it. So basically, he owned a certain percentage of it. I drove around the three story garage several times and I still hadn't found a spot. You know that growing frustration that boils inside of you during this? Yeah, that's me. 

As I made my way back to the top, I noticed an open spot. I pressed onto the gas to follow the  directions, the white arrows but, knew if I didn't break a few rules, it'd be gone fast. So I then did a complete U to get to the other side, where the spot was. I finally turned my car around and the spot made it's way back into my line of vision. I was almost to it, just a couple more feet, and then a black BMW swooped into it's once open, vacant area.


I pounded onto my steering wheel in frustration. Could this day get any worse?

I decided to show whoever the hell this person was, that I was mad. I mean, they obviously seen I was calling dibs on that spot.  You'd have to be blind not to see my blinker, and last time I checked, blind people don't drive!

I started to creep up behind the car. I didn't want to seem overly creepy, like I was waiting for them to get out and then beat them with a baseball bat. So I crawled behind the car, [not literally], and came to a slow stop.

The driver's door opened, and a tall figure stepped out. He shut his door and turned on his heel. His eyes locked with mine and I told my face to give him the best glare I could muster.

His face didn't look shocked, remorseful, or even angry. No, it didn't hold any of those emotions.

Instead, a smirk was slapped onto it.

A smirk.

That little jerkface smirked at me. Ugh!

I sent one last menacing glare his way and proceeded forward.

After driving in circles for nine years, I found an spot that said 'No Parking' but, decided that I'm somewhat royalty here and I'd be perfectly fine. So, I didn't really think that. The only reason I parked there is because the sign actually read ' No Parking between 6 AM- 10 AM', seeing as it was 3 in the afternoon, I felt pretty safe. Just saying.  I locked the doors and made my way to the entrance with a box of packets under my arm.

"Hi, I'm Ethan Ridge's daughter, Marissa -"

"Say no more, Floor 11." The receptionist warmly smiled at me. She looked like one of those people that you wish were your grandmother. Like Betty White, you know? I sent a small smile her way.

As you could probably tell, I don't come here that often. Which is kind of freaky, seeing that Miss. White at the desk knows that I was my father's daughter and not some bomber or secret ninja spy. 

Once I found the elevator, which I'll add is freaking huge, I proceeded to press '11'. Seemed easy enough to understand.

"WAIT! HOLD THE DOOR!" A deep voice shouted. He rounded the corner and came into my complete view as the doors were slowing shutting.

His familiar face rattled my brain.

Both of his hands held cup holders with 4 coffees in each.

My finger lingered over the 'open doors' button.

The doors kept on shutting and as he stared at me confused.

His expression quickly changed into shock as, I smirked right back at him.

What. A. Loser.

Sooo? What do you think? Who is he? What will happen?

Vomment <3 Thanks :)

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