Top 10 Apps For IPhone 11, 11 Pro And 11 Pro Max

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The new iPhones have many new and exciting features. If you want to take full advantage of all those features here are some apps you should check out:


Drafts is the perfect app for taking quick notes without having to look for a diary or notepad. You can take all your notes in this app, and they are automatically stored in the Inbox. You can sort out your notes and tag them in different categories whenever you need to do so. You can also turn your notes into documents, emails, tweets, and so on that, you can share with others. Drafts also has a text editor that lets you customise what you write. You can change the font, font colour, adjust line spacing, margins, and so on. If you get the premium version, you can also access their themes, icons and other exciting features.

Jumbo Privacy

Privacy and security are major concerns these days. Jumbo Privacy is an app to take care of all your security concerns. It takes control of all your data when you browse sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. You and your data stay completely safe for cyber attacks of any kind. It notifies you every time there is a threat and also lets you know why it is a threat to your system.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather prediction app better than most other apps in that category. It will predict the weather for you wherever you are, whenever you are. The app is so precise that it detects your exact location to tell you the weather, rather than telling you your city's location in general. It uses visual images and beautiful maps that are highly appealing and attractive.


Magisto is an app that lets you take your videography skills to the next level. You do not need to have exceptional editing skills to use the app. Instead, it takes all your photos and videos and edits them to make shareable videos. Magisto makes use of artificial intelligence for video designing. There are also many built-in effects and a music library. All of this takes only a few seconds, and you can share them with your friends on various social media platforms.


Notion is a productivity app suitable for all your personal and business needs. You can create workspaces that are either private or shared. In these workspaces, you can add 'blocks' where you can put texts images, links files, and so on. It is highly customisable and has a simple drag and drop menu. Notion has a free and a paid version. You can save up to 1000 content blocks in the free version and also sync all your content. If you switch to the premium version, you can add admin tools, permission settings and also store unlimited content.


Memento is a reminder app for your iPhone. The app is visually impressive and is better than your built-in reminder app. You can choose between a traditional view and a modern view. In the traditional view, your upcoming to-dos appear vertically on your screen. In the modern grid, they appear as grids. You can also add a widget for the app. Memento has a tab reminder as well that lets you see those reminders that you have prioritised. You can also create reminders from other applications. The best thing about this app, however, is that it syncs with your built-in app after you set it up and you do not have to retype your existing to-dos.


MyFitness Pal is a well-being app that lets you turn your phone into a health tracker. You can log in your daily meals and track your calorie intake. You can also set fitness goals for yourself. The app also has a barcode scanner, a food database and a recipe importer to help you plan your meals.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a virtual assistant app even better than Siri. It accesses deep databases for answering all your questions related to Earth science, mathematics, astronomy, and so on. It also produces graphs and charts depending on the subject. You can ask questions related to daily news, culture, music as well, and it will answer will accuracy.


SleepBot is an app that monitors your sleep and helps you make lifestyle changes. It tells you how well you are sleeping, your sleeping patterns, and so on. It also has some ambient noises to help you sleep more peacefully. You answer some questions and set a gradual alarm to wake up more naturally and refreshed.

Unified Remote

Unified Remote is indeed as unique as it sounds. It lets you turn your iPhone into a universal remote. You can control YouTube, Netflix and all your favourite platforms. It can also control your mouse cursor. You no longer need a wireless mouse. The app makes it easy for you to operate all your platforms and devices from a single page.

These apps can boost your phone's capacity and make it more productive. If you haven't tried them already do it now to make the most out of your new phone. 

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