Chapter 7 : Little Help

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(A/N) : I truly apologize that the last chapter was quite long. It used to be a two-part chapter, so I decided to add them as a whole when editing this book.

The familiar sound of the grinding teeth demon could be heard, making Tanjirou to snap back into reality. He quickly shook his head and grab the small piece of his friend's haori, then immediately put it inside one of his pockets.

His attention is now fully focused to the two demons inside the swamp. He also noticed the arrogant glare that he recieved from the demons.

They must've thought that he's unable to control his breathing because of the thin air surrounding him.

They're not fully wrong. The air inside is fairly thin, yet the air from the mountain where he used to train himself was a lot thinner than here.

'Not to mention.. There are moves that only unleash their full potential underwater!'

He tightened his grip as he could smell the two demons coming towards him, getting closer from two different ways.

Unfortunately, before Tanjirou could even lay his sword to the demons, they suddenly swim to different directions from before, creating dust paths in a shape of zig zag-like trails above his head.

Tanjirou was taken aback by their sudden change of move, but he quickly compose himself.

' So, they can move at angles like that inside this swamp?! '

Clenching his grip to his sword tighter than ever, he look up while gritting his teeth.

' But that doesn't matter..! '

While both of the demons are still a bit far from the burgundy-haired male, he tries to maintain the balance of his own body.

Tanjirou went silent as his hands slowly raise his nichirin sword above his own head.

Finally, the two demons are coming towards his directions. Both of their arms are straightened, aiming to pierce through his skin in order to kill him.

After a few moments, Tanjirou reposition his foot by placing his right feet behind and his left one right in front. He needed to create a force before swinging his sword to kill the demons.

" Breath of Water..! Sixth Form..! "

With the remaining air he has on his lungs, Tanjirou twisted his body around, with his blade being tightly held on his hands.

" Whirlpool! "

The forces within his attack succesfully manage to create a tornado inside of the swamp.

Tanjirou's breathing form was powerful enough to sweep both of the demons away while destroying their bodies into pieces, and then disappeared into ashes with nothing left behind.

The boy exhaled and noticed a piece of cloth from the demon floated in front of him. He stare at it for a few seconds, reminiscing the sadness coming from Kazumi earlier.

But then his thoughts were interrupted by him slowly running out of air.

He jolted a little, but quickly tries to swim back into the surface before he runs out of time. He also didn't forget about his sister, Nezuko, who is apparently still fighting the third demon above.

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