Part 1

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I was so nervous for this flight, spending 17 hours on a plane was my nightmare. I had never really enjoyed flying but I was going to have to get used to it from now on.
My dad was a tour manager and this year he was deputy manager for one directions where we are tour. Since it was just me and my dad he suggested I come along. I'm 18 and just finished school so I could've stayed at home but ever since my mum passed away from cancer he has been so protective of me. I was pretty excited though, getting to meet some of the most famous people in the world I was so lucky.

When the plane arrived in London we were picked up in a cab and we drove straight to the o2 arena where the boys were performing that night. When we got to the o2 arena a big guy was waiting for us by the back door.

"Hey I'm Paul"
I could tell he was a security guard as his T-shirt said security on the back.

"Hey I'm Georgia "

"Nice to meet you Georgia"-P

"You too Paul"

Paul showed us around the arena as we would be there for 3 consecutive days, it was crucial we knew where to go. My dad has been here on multiple occasions so he was good but me on the other hand still had to work on my mapping skills.

My dad has to go off and start working so he left me alone to figure out what I was going to do for the 3 hours prior to the gates opening. I took the time to familiarise myself with the important facilities such as the bathroom and "dressing" room so I was less likely to get lost in a crowd of raging fans.

Soon I came across Paul and we chatted for a little bit and got to know each other better. He then led me to the boys dressing room. Spread along the wall was a huge grazing table with so much food. He allowed me too take some, boy was I hungry all that food on the plane tasted like absolute shit.

"Just make sure Niall doesn't catch you" -P
"Haha he loves his food doesn't he" -G
"Yeah that's for sure" -P

"Did someone say food"-N
"I told you"-P

Before Niall could eat anything the other 4 boys filed in.

"Boys this is Georgia, Henry's daughter"-P

"Hey Georgia, nice to see ya"-N
"Vas hapening Georgia"-Z
"Hello it's so nice to meet you guys"-G
"Yeah we can't wait for you to tour with us"-N
"Yeah hopefully you won't get tired of watching the same concert over and over again"-Louis
"We'll try and mix it up every now and then"-H
"I have a feeling you guys will never not be entertaining"-G
"With the partners in crime Louis and Zayn there is never a dull moment"-Liam

"Boys your on in 20 minutes get ready"-Management

"Well I'll guess we'll see you soon"-Z
"Yeah, you guys better impress me"-G
"Since when do we not put on a good show"-Louis
"Boys hurry up"-Management

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