~Part 2~

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"People like you are disgusting." He said.

"Excuse me?" You asked really offended.

"I did you a favor, TWICE, and you repay me by being rude, and not trusting me. You need to be more respectful and thankful. It really is disgusting" He said shaking his head.
You tried to breathe and calm down but you couldn't keep it in.

"Disgusting? I'll tell tou what's disgusting. You. People who call other people disgusting are disgusting. You may be doing something kind right now, but YOU are not kind. You just told a stranger that they are disgusting. I could be going through some deep stuff or be suicidal or just had family member die, or broke up with someone. But you took the risk to tell me I'm digusting to make make me feel even worse than I've felt since-er ummm EVER!."

He looked at you then the road, SHOCKED.

"And why are you trying to make me feel bad? Because I want to be safe, and not tell you where I live. No! What's digusting is that I'm still in the car with you. That's disgusting. In fact let me out right here."
Tom looked at you with a face that said "seriously?"

He pulled over to the side of the road and went around the car to open the door for you.

"Thank you." You said.
You started to walk to your apartment.

"Are you gonna walk?" Tom asked you?

"Yes I am. Thank you for the useless ride Tom Holland." You smiled and blew him a sarcastic kiss to him.
Tom rested his arm on top of his car leaning against it, and he watched you walk away.
You could feel him staring, so you felt pressured to walk perfectly.

"Wow, she's different." Tom said.

"Better not loose that." A random stranger said to Tom, thatwas walking by.
Tom chuckled and watch you just a bit longer. Then he slid into his car and drove away.

You sighed, the pressure of walking perfectly off of you. The walk would be fine, it isn't too far away. But your side kind of crampped because of the run before.

When you got home you made sure to watch as much movies ad you could, because it was your last day off before your new job. That night you got your outfit ready for the next day, took a shower and got in bed.

It was a simple day.
You finally got tired around 11:00 and slowly started to doze off.

Your alarm clock screamed in your ear. Even though you told yourself you would get up right away. You couldn't do it.

You wouldn't usually have to go to work early, in fact it would usually be late. You just wanted to work extra today to start off on the right foot. But a guy also called in saying he was taking his day off, so you were required to go work for him.

After sleeping in for 20 minutes you dragged yourself out of bed.
You looked in the mirrior with your lazy eyes and sighed.

You fixed up yourself. When it was time to go you went to go get your car, but your were still tired and could barley keep your eyes open so you called a taxi you saw driving by.

It was easy to find an empty one so early in the morning. Today was rainy, but not really hard.

"Taxi!" You yelled. Thr taxi pulled up to you.

"Where to?" An old man with a low voice asked.

"I'm going to the D.H. Corporations two miles from here." You said pointing where to go.

"Do you work there?" He asked surprised.

"Yeah, for two years, but I just got moved to the main building." You said smiling.

"Wow, I could never get a job like that." He said.

"Sure you could!"
He shrugged, and drove to D.H. Corp.

When you got there you opened your door but the driver stopped you.

"Hey what's your name?" He asked you.

"Y/n y/l/n."

"Name's Max, listen y/n, be careful."

"What do you mean?"

"People in there will do horrible things to get what they want, just don't trust everyone."

"Uh- thanks Max." You smiled unsure about his comment.
You walked into the building feeling air press against your face, and you smiled.
You went to the front desk.

"Name?" And woman asked tiredly.

"Y/n y/l/n."

"Follow me." She said while sighing.
She set you at a desk, and left back to the front.
There were rows of desks, but they were all so nice, so much better than your last building.

"Y/n?" You heard from the desk infront of you.

"Claire?" You said! "No way!"

Clarie was your friend from the last building, she got moved up to this one a week before you.
"Oh my-"

"Y/n your boss would like to meet you." A man came up to you and took you to a big room with glass walls.
You saw a man with curly brown hair, sitting at a huge desk.

"Oh no."


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