Dashing Through The Snow

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The next morning we all slept in and when we did get out of bed we lounged around in our pajamas and robes. For the most part we stayed to ourselves until afternoon hour's. London and I stuck to our bedroom. I watched Christmas movies as he napped off and on but we did make time for a steamy make out session.

No one botherd to cook breakfast or lunch. Instead we randomly popped into the kitchen grabbing snacks, drinks or whipping up a sandwich. By that evening we all met up in the kitchen and pitched in on making pizza's. As we sat down to eat, the front door opened and in walked Zoe. Duel grinned ear to ear at her arrival as we all greeted her.

After slipping from her furry coat she joined us for pizza and rattled on about college and how well her midterms had went. Eventually everyone had their bellies full and scurried about cleaning the kitchen. By this time the sun had set and we all decided to go sledding. The guy's retrieved the sleds from one of the storage buildings that graced the property while us girl's filled several thermos with hot cocoa and coffee. Meeting the guy's out back, we begin the trek toward the back of the land where a steep hill laid tucked away offering some of the best sledding.

As we stomped along through the deep snow we passed a monument that represented one of the family's hardest time's. Still standing was the headstone where London and I supposedly laid to rest. I noticed how everyone's eye's lingered on the snow covered marble stone no doubt remembering that dark spot in our lives. Then just as quick the sour mood vanished as Demarco sailed a snowball through the air slamming into Miri's head. The blow was so hard that Midi fell back into the snow as Dem and Cole burst out in laughter. Miri pounced up steaming and and screamed. "You're so stupid. Will you ever grow up asshole?"

" Not a chance in hell ". Demarco laughed.

We finally made it to the hill and sat our sleds up. We all enjoyed ourselves and shared many laughs. This was his it should always be. No worries or stress. No killing of illegal deals but sadly this family would never know peace.

As the night wore on and the coffee dwindled and we decided to head back in. Demarco  was pulling his sled back up the hill when Miri snatched her sled from Cole. With a running start Miri took off down the hill going straight for Dem. By the time he spotted her it was to late. Miri slid into him sending him up in the air head over heels. We all laughed as Cole yelled out. "Damn flower, you got mowed down" .

Needless to say the two adult siblings fought the entire walk back home. After warning up we all gathered around to watch movie's and I made snow cream.

Snow cream

1 can evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
1tsp vanilla
Bowl of clean snow (about 1/2 gallon)

In a small bowl mix milk, sugar and vanilla together

In a large bowl add about 8 to 10 cups of snow. Pour milk mixture over top and stir until combined.

Serve right away!

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