Watching the movie pt 1

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"Where on earth are we!!!" Screamed everyone

"Come out now whoever you are I'll fight you now" screamed both Stoick and fergus

"Fergus calm down" Said Elinor

Everyone then realized that they were all together and all the siblings went to great each other.

"Omggg  Elinor" Said arianna while running over to hug her older sister

"Arianna!! What are you doing here, are you okay Said Elinor. Agnar and Valka went over to great there siblings

"I think we've been kidnapped" said Agnar

"Wow really you don't say" Said Valka very sarcastically

"No one asked for your opinion Valka" Said Agnar

"Hello everyone!!" Said the 15 year old girl

" hey your the crazy girl who kidnapped us" said Anna

"Your correct princess Anna and by the way my name is Luna" Said Luna

"How do you know my sisters name" Said Elsa

"How do we know we can trust you" Merida said while taking out her bow to shoot Luna

"Whoa relax princess Merida I just got you all to show you the past and a movie" Said Luna

"A movie??" Asked hiccup

"Oh right I keep on forgetting you guys live in the past. Well to make things sound easier a movie is like a play except this one will be showing the past" Luna explained

"The past?" Said Valka

"Yes the past and it will actually be about you and your three siblings" Said Luna

"Wait it will be on us" Said Agnar. The four siblings faces started to turn bright red as they didn't want there children to know how they were like as teenagers.

"No way so I get to see how my mum was like as a teenager" Merida said very excitedly she always wanted to know how her mother was before she was the queen and if she was similar to how she acted

"Yup princess Merida now can you all take your seats so I can play the movie" Said Luna then everyone went to take a seat in her theater

"For the love of god please don't show this I really don't want merida to know how I was as a teenager" Said Elinor

"What are you hiding from me mum" Merida said while smiling she was now going to find out everything on her mother

"You know I can tell you some things now merida for one your mother loved archery" Said Valka while smirking at Elinor

"VALKA seriously" Elinor Said

"Hey she was going to find out sooner or later" said Valka

"Wow hiccup can you believe we're going to see how our parents were like at out age" Said rapunzel

"I know I wonder what's going to happen" Said hiccup

"Okay everyone hush the movie is starting" Said Luna while turning on the movie

Norway 20 years ago

Hey my names Valka and I'm the oldest (I'm 17)and let me just tell you it sucks!
"Whoaa that's you mom, wow" said hiccup he alway wondered what his mother would of looked like as a teen
So a long time ago Maybe when I was like twelve my mom found out my dad had cheated on her.
"Omg that's awful" said rapunzel

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