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Dahyun was very tired after the dinner. They talked about a lot of things, Dahyun thought that they're not bad at all. She just don't understand why her brother hates seeing them, they are family.

"Where have you been?" Dahyun got startled when she opened the light. Jin is sitting at the sofa.

"O-oppa. I-I was at JYP. We finished our practice." Dahyun lied. She closed her eyes wanting to regret lying to her brother.

"Go change, have you eaten?"

"Ah, yeah. I ate before I go." She said.

"Okay, Go to your room and rest."

"I will, good night." Dahyun smiled and went to her room. The next morning, Jin and Jisoo got up early. Jisoo stayed in the house after the dinner, Blackpink do not have that very busy schedule so Jisoo's staying at the house for two to three weeks. She helped Jin in preparing the breakfast. While Jin was cooking, he heard a door opened and closed thinking maybe Dahyun's already awake.


"I knew it. Jin brought what he cooked to the dinning room and there's Dahyun. " Hey, good morning." He's right that she's awake but, she  didn't just got up from bed. She's ready to go. "You're leaving?" He asked.

"Uhm-- Jisoo eonni?" She saw her at the kitchen.

"Hi, yeodongsaeng." Dahyun walked pass to Jin and hugged her sister, Jisoo.

"I miss you, eonni."

"Me too, Dahyunie." She said and hugged her back.

"When did you come here?"

"Last night, when I invited you to dinner, I also invited her and she's the only one who said yes." Jin answered, like he's not okay.

"Dinner? It's about dinner?" Dahyun asked. "Oh, I'm sorry, oppa! We can have that tonight."

"It's okay, I can't make it tonight. We're leaving for concert." He said.

"Oh, I see. Maybe when you get back?"

"I'm going back to Bighit, we're not allowed to go anywhere after today. We're going to LA, Chicago, going back to Japan, we have a lot of schdule for this month." He said.

"I see..." Dahyun's phone rang. "Manager's call, I have to go. Can I see you before your flight???"

"I don't know. Maybe" He said.

"I'll catch up, lunch. I gotta go, bye!" She ran out of the house as she answered the manager's call. "Aish, why did I ever left my car in Busan??? When are they going to bring that back, am I supposed to be getting it?"


Jin placed the frying pan in the sink loudly, Jisoo got startled.

"Oppa, let's eat."

"Call BTS, for me. They're eating with us, we can't eat all of that." He said.

"O-okay." Jisoo dialed Namjoon's number.


"What's up! We're here. Where's Dahyun?" Hoseok asked when they came to Jin's house.

"Don't ask, just eat the food before we go." Jin said and went to his room.

"What's wrong with him? Hi, Jisoo." Taehyung greeted.

"It's like last night, am I the only one who noticed about Jin hyung?"

"What about him?" Yoongi asked when they sat in the dining room.

"I don't know, he's in bad mood." Hoseok said.

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