- Chapter 22: Feelings -

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- Saeyoung's P.O.V -

"Is this it?" I ask in amazement and excitement.

"Neh, I think so.. It does say 'Teddy Bear Museum' right there." Sehun says as he points to a sign.

"Let's go in!" I say, grabbing Sehun's hand and pulling him into the building.


"Two youth tickets, that will be 12,000 won please."

"Here." Sehun says as he hands over the money.

"Thank you. And also, for the couple bears I advise you go over to section C1, there are many romantic bear themes there, it's suitable for young couples, like you guys." The cashier says with a smile, that's when I notice her vision is on our hands. I look down and realize our hands are still entwined. I hastily pull mine away.

"Um, we're not a cou---"

"Kamsahmida." Sehun says as he smiles brightly and takes my hand into his again.

As we walk away, I slightly nudge him in the side.

"Let go of my hand." I say while struggling to get his grip off my hand.

"But we're on a date." He says, emphasizing the word 'date'.

"Well I didn't have a choice, you kind of dragged me here." I say.

He chuckles. "Oh really now? Says the one who grabbed my hand and pulled me over here." He say matter-of-factly.

"Yeah... but... Just let go of my hand." I say pissed off. I couldn't think of a comeback, so I just left it at that.

"Okay then.." Sehun says as he slowly let's go of my hand. Unconcsiously, I start to pout. Even though I just protested against him holding my hand, I kind of didn't want him to let go.. What is wrong with me? Am I bipolar, or what?

"Don't pout." He says with a teasing tone. Then the next second, he pulls me in closer to him, with his arm around my shoulders. I'm too shocked to even say anything.

"If you don't let me hold your hand, then I'll just do this." He whispers, with an amused smile. I can't help but blush, why is he being so sweet?

"Can you let go of me?" I ask, even though there's a small part of me that doesn't want him to let go of me..

"Yeah.." Why do I feel disappointed? "..Only if you kiss me." He carries on. Immediately the blood rushes up to my cheeks again.

"Just carry on then.." I say bluntly, trying to hide my embarrassment. How can he just shamelessly mention kisssing? This is the same guy who ignored me a few months ago..

"Hm, so where was the couple section again?" Sehun asks.

"Oh, C1-- Wait, why?" I ask, suspiciously. Why would he want to know where the couple's section is?

"What do you mean 'why'? Because." He simply says with a smug smile on his face. "Well then, let's go to C1!" He says as he guides me.


"OMONA KYEOPTAA!" I shout, totally fangirling over the adorable teddy bears.

"They're all so cute; like you." Sehun whispers, making you shiver and blush.

"Sh--Shutup Sehun." I say as I quickly walk off to avoid anymore embarrassment.


- Sehun's P.O.V -

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