Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

Dustin and I were in the basement, with El and Mike. Well, Mike was cleaning up El when we had gotten a radio call from Lucas.

Quickly, we walked over to the bathroom and burst it open. "Guys! It's Lucas, I think he's in trouble." Dustin quickly rushed out. We walked over to the radio. "Do you remember how he said he was looking for the gate?"


"What if he found it?" Dustin asked.

Lucas was shouting over the radio like it was doing before, but the signals weak and Mike takes the radio from Dustin. "What's he saying?"

"I don't know, he's way out of range," Dustin explained.

"Son of a bitch!" Was all I heard over the radio.

"Lucas, if you can hear us, slow down." Mike advised. "We can't understand you."

"Yes, I copy!" Lucas cried out. All I caught in his rant was, well, nothing.

"The Man hen, does that mean anything to you?" Dustin looked at us. "Like a code name or name or something?"

"The bad men are coming!" I heard Lucas clearly this time.

"The bad men," I whispered. "Bad men!"

"Stay here," Mike tells El. He darted upstairs, Dustin and I followed. We sprint towards the nearest window, a white van was parked outside. "What's that guy doing?"

Dustin looked at Mike and I. "You don't think..."

Mike ran back downstairs, Dustin and I stay at the window. We looked over and saw more white vans coming. "Oh, no," I muttered. There were at least three vans coming our way.

Dustin quickly shuts the curtains. We run into the kitchen. "Mike!" Dustin yelled.

"One second," Mike tells him, his mother standing in front of him.

"Mike!" I yelled, Mike looked over at me. "We need to leave... right now." With that, I turned on my heel and Dustin followed me, we walked down the stairs of his basement and El was there.

We all go out to the back where we left the bikes. We sprint with the bikes, then for a few seconds we stopped so I could hop on the back of Dustin and El could hop on the back of Mike.

We looked over our shoulders, there were a group of men coming towards us. "Go, go, go, go, go!" Dustin yelled as the boys begin to pedal down the path, the four vans following us.

We took some short cuts to get onto a different road, where the vans weren't following us. "Dustin! Dustin! Do you copy?" I heard Lucas yell over the radio.

"Yeah, Lucas, they're on us," Dustin tells him.

"Where are you?" Lucas yelled.

"Cornwallis," Dustin explained.

"Meet me at Em and Cherry!"

"Copy. El and Cherry!" Dustin yelled back.

"Okay!" Mike calls.

We took an unfortunate turn and I looked behind us, two vans were coming after us. "Shit!" Dustin yelled.

"This way, come on!" We went onto someone else's property, going through the park behind some houses.

"Out of the way!" Dustin screamed to two girls who were playing.

We easily soon meet up with Lucas who was biking on Em and Cherry streets. "Lucas!" Mike cried out as we stopped momentarily.

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