Unsuspecting Visitors On All Accounts

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Okay guys, bad news. Guess I've lost the inspiration to write and I'm gonna have to put this story on hold. Though I'll say I'll update it again, but in reality I just got bored and said fuck it. So see you in three years for the end of the book.


A/N: Welcome back boys! Sorry for the little goof at the beginning, was reading a story I really liked and it turned out the writer just completely abandoned it and put out like 20 more random ass stories instead while proceeding to eventually abandon those too. Figured I'd joke around a bit. Anyways, onto the chapter! I know it was barely any time to get your ideas out there for weapons, but I think I know which side arm I want to pick along with the majority ruling in its favor. We'll get into what the weapon is this chapter as well as begin to gain control of your fire/electric powers! Worked some serious OT to get this chapter out quick enough so I hope it's worth the wait!


Y/N stared wide eyed at the ground as he leaned against the glass wall, completely destroyed at the revelation Arslan just dropped on him. Of course, she thought he had know all this time, but as she spoke more and more to him...she realized he didn't know anything about himself or the past besides the basics.
Y/N looked at his shaking hands as he slowly looked back up to Arslan as she let the water run over her body and ran her hands over her hair.

"You're...you're lying." Y/N said softly and with a wavering voice in order to rationalize the situation. "There's no way that can be true. I'm the son of my parents, not some random monster found by them."

"I am physically incapable of lying master." Arslan said as she looked at Y/N. "And you are not a monster, just not human."

"I...I can't believe it...is there...any way to prove or disprove it?" Y/N said hopefully as Arslan thought for a second.

"The only way to get confirmation would be to ask one of the Relic's their opinion." Arslan nodded. "Although I am not capable of lying, I know that this is a tough subject to rationalize. Your life would be an entire lie if this is true for you after all."

"Heh...you don't mince words Arslan." Y/N said sadly with a chuckle after rubbing his head. "Well, thanks for telling me anyways I suppose. Let's keep this from everyone else for now...if we don't get answers from Destruction...I'll get answers from my parents I hope. This is...a lot to take in all at once."

"Understood master." Arslan nodded. Y/N gave her a small smile before speaking again.

"And Arslan?" Y/N said a little more softly. The naked girl in front of him looked over as he nodded. "We'll get your emotions and choice back I promise you. Just lean me when you need someone okay? I was in a similar situation until someone saved me...so let me save you."

"Master I do not th-"

"That's an order." Y/N flashed Arslan a sly grin as she just sighed and gave him what looked to be like a murdered trying to smile at his victims. Y/N cringed before laughing.

"I am...sorry I am unable to express happiness clearly." Arslan nodded. "I will do my best to fix this...with your help."

"Glad to hear it. Just be yourself around me alright? No more asking if you can speak or tell me something, just speak up when you need to." Y/N said with a smile as Arslan was about to protest again. "That's an order. Your main one."

"Of course master. Likewise, if you need any comfort at all, please allow me to take care of your orders." Arslan said with a slight bow.
Y/N laughed, but nodded as the two fell into another silence as they washed themselves. Arslan spoke up soon after. "Would you allow me to take care of your back master?"

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