Myriad Truths

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A/N: It's interesting to see who predicts what and who is right while I give hints about the story and who Y/N really is. Then again that question remains:
is Y/N really a Belladonna? Or even a real Faunus?! Huge lore and story drops this chapter, we're getting into the real thick of things now! And yes, I did indeed, pull this out of my ass. Wasn't sure when to put this part in, but with the all knowing Arslan apart of the group, it wouldn't make sense to just dance around the topic. Y/N's identity has been a twist I wanted to pull in the late game, but it's gonna be a middle twist now along with Arslan's purpose in this story. Hope it's not too unbelievable or confusing, but I kind of like the way it turned out! Let me know your thoughts after you read the chapter, I'd love to discuss!

Also, quick question boys, so sadly, Check and Mate are now gone for the remainder of the story and in the hands of the cloaked figure who will hopefully put them to good use. Fortunately, that gives us the potential to use another secondary weapon(s). I could do dual pistols again or something else. As long as it's not a primary MELEE weapon like another sword or a battle axe or something like that, anything goes! Anything that shoots would be the money shot honestly. Give me some of your own favorite suggestions and I'll pick the best one!


"Mm..." Y/N groaned as he felt his stiff body crack and creak as he tried to get comfortable. His arms had lost all feeling long ago, but he wasn't exactly awake to pay attention to the feeling. His nose tickled as he smelt a mixture of roses and strawberries fill it. His body was warm and he was holding onto something onto squishy yet firm. He opened one tired eye as he saw let his hands roam over what he was using as a body pillow. He grabbed something large, round, and soft with a perky tip as he scrunched his face in confusion. He began to let his hands roam around it until he started pulling and pinching the tip, trying to figure out what it was.

"A-Ahn! Y/N...not now..." a whiny voice cooed out while it shuddered as Y/N just huffed and pulled on it harder since he was half asleep.

"What...what is this?" Y/N said groggily opening his eyes to see two half lidded silver eyes staring back up at him. He looked down to see that he had his hand in Summer's pajamas and was currently pulling on her tit as she moaned from the rough contact. "Oh...OH. So that's what that is."

"Y-Yeah...geez, a little restraint would be nice." Summer whined as she turned away from him and pouted. "At least wait until we're not in everyone's view if they come down."

"Wait, where are we?" Y/N asked still confused before he saw two icy blue eyes appear behind Summer. His face paled as Weiss stared right back at him.

"You're in your living room. Currently using one of the strongest huntresses alive and the mother of the other half of RWBY as a body pillow." Weiss dead panned. Blake stood next to her with an equally confused and annoyed expression while Neo stood behind them making the sex symbol with her hands furiously and beaming at Y/N. Y/N tried not to chuckle as he looked at the unrelenting pale blue and shining amber eyes staring down at him while Neo smiled goofily behind them. However, any positive feeling he had was ripped from him as he immediately felt a chill run down his spine as his entire body froze. The world around him went blue as his eyes widened. A humongous wave of killer instinct washed over Y/N as his body went stiff and he couldn't will his body to move. It had been years since Y/N felt pure, unmatched fear like this, but he was feeling it at full force now.

"Ara ara Y/N...what are you doing with Miss Rose?" Velvets terrifying voice echoed out as Y/N had to forcefully move every muscle in his neck to try to turn around and look at her.

"V-V-Velvet?" Y/N barely whispered in fear as a dark purple aura radiating around the bunny Faunus. She had a happy smile and expression on her face, but her ears were twitching more than ever. Her wide smile made Y/N even more afraid than before.

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