Onwards to Menagerie!

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If anyone is wondering what Charlotte looks like, she appeared in a previous chapter, As The Crown Foretold, with a description there. If that description still doesn't do you justice, her character and description is based on the character, Artemia, from the mobile game Kings Raid. Aside from a few things, the characters are pretty similar.


"So...yeah. That's why I need Weiss, Velvet, and Summer to come with me. This doesn't mean I'm placing them over any of you, because I care about you all. A lot. But Velvet has a stake in this that revolves around her family, Ozpin and Goodwitch are only letting me go if Summer comes along, and I need Weiss to be my strategist as well as a political piece." Y/N said as easy as he could as Coco, Ruby, Yang, Blake, Pyrrha, and Nora all sat in front of Y/N as he stood before then in his dorm. Weiss and Velvet had already gotten ready and prepared while explaining to their teammates what was going on. Ozpin contacted them beforehand and told them he would be combing the rest of RWBY and CFVY on a joint mission in order to help them train for the Vytal Festival together. Velvet and Weiss would get as many free days as they needed, but would have to make up a load of schoolwork and training for when they'd get back. Everyone was already bagged up and ready to leave, so the only thing left was to confront the girls. "I promise we won't be gone long."

The girls all stared at them in confusion before Blake quickly got up and left the room. Everyone just stared at the door before turning their heads to Coco as she spoke up.

"This seems pretty out of left field Y/N." Coco said. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning your affection for us, but you can't say it's not weird that this is timed perfectly for you."

"God you're fucking hot when you think like a criminal." Y/N muttered as Coco smirked. "But yes, I know this seems completely weird and out of character, but there's a lot more at stake in this then you'd think. I just...look I got a past with the leader of the White Fang...he's the same person that killed me on the train and the same person that...that..."

Y/N hesitated as he clenched his hands. The girls looked at him in concern as he grit his teeth in anger.

'How can I still not be over this?! Am I such a bitch I can't handle someone's death?!' Y/N yelled in his mind before sighing.

"That killed someone close to me." Y/N finished as he calmed himself. "He's powerful. I mean really powerful. He's one of the strongest people I've met that haven't had years of experience in battle. He can take out 30 armed Atlas soldiers in one slash and still have enough energy to take out another 20."

"So why do you need to go?" Ruby asked confused. "Send someone stronger?"

"That's the thing Red." Y/N grinned. "He doesn't know I'm coming. Adam is the king of the White Fang right now, which means he's also the rightful heir to the Chieftain position. Not by acknowledgement by my father, but by the people. Adams always been charismatic. He's always had a way to get people over to his side with little effort, but his fatal flaw is he never expects the unexpected. He's never been able to see the things that can go wrong in his plans. He thinks I'm dead and only a few people on Menagerie even known I'm alive. That's our trump card. And with Summer's strength, Weiss' knowledge of war and history, and Velvet's cuteness...we'll be unstoppable!"

"So you're risking my teammates for no reason other than to satiate your lustful tendencies?" Coco deadpanned before grinning. "Well by all means take her down Y/N! The poor gal has heat next week anyways."

"S-Seriously?!" Y/N exclaimed a bit too hopeful before Summer slapped him across the head. "I didn't even do anything!"

"Keep it in your pants mister." Summer huffed as everyone else laughed. "Now...Yang? Ruby? Are you okay with me leaving so soon? I know I just got back and while I do want to help
Y/N...you two come first before anything."

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