Getting The Band Together

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Soon after rushing back from Vale and into a Beacon where he settled in with Coco for the night, Y/N fell asleep quickly. Maybe it was an effort to escape his problems or maybe it was just from the stress of it all. There was one thing he knew though...and that was the fact he was back in that beautiful grassy field where he met the strange woman in the elegant dress and where Sienna had said goodbye to him.

"No welcome home this time?" Y/N rubbed his forehead. "Here's hoping Sienna will be here. I could use some advice right about now..."

"Oh?" A haughty voice called out from behind Y/N. He turned around to see the woman from before as she sat on a golden throne. Her hair blew in the wind as she crossed her legs and looked down on him. "Look who has returned. I must admit, you've given me some fine entertainment boy."

"Oh great, the haughty cunt is back." Y/N rolled his eyes as he stood up and looked at her. "I know for a fact that I didn't ask for to be here, so why am I here?"

"Aw, is the poor kitty mad?" The woman said standing up with a cooing tone. She walked towards Y/N as the throne behind her disappeared. She practically skipped over to
Y/N and looked up at him while keeping her haughty attitude. "If I remember last time, we had quite the heated make out session."

"Make our session? With you? As if." Y/N scoffed. "Have no clue who you are, but your attitude really pisses me off."

"Really? You can't remember? I shouldn't exactly put it past you, you're too stupid to understand a simple illusion spell." The woman chuckled before snapping her fingers. In an instant she turned into Sienna Khan as Y/N's eyes widened. The second she spoke it sounded just like Sienna. "It's incredible what a few meaningless words can do to someone's decisions. I mean asking a woman to let you lay her? Are you daft?"

" were Sienna?!" Y/N growled out angrily as he narrowed his eyes. "The fucks your problem?!"

"I have no quarrel with you particularly." The woman appearing as Sienna spoke before snapping her fingers and switching back to her regal yet haughty self. "I just enjoy seeing the look on your idiotic face when you make a stupid choice. It's quite incredible, for someone who talks all about how smart or cool they are, you somehow manage to get the most injured and the most degraded after every fight? Tell me boy, why is that? Is it because you can't have your lackeys do you work for you like they did with gathering intel or...?"

"Uh, just a quick thing...who the fuck are you again?" Y/N said completely confused. The woman seemed surprised at his lack of hostility . She looked mildly confused at his lack of anger and more of an abundance of confusion.

"I'm surprised, most would get angry after having someone pretend to be their dead lover. You're either extremely calm or extremely dense." The woman cackled as Y/N just sighed.

"I mean, I had all of my pent up anger and aggression literally ripped out of me and killed." Y/N shrugged. "Besides, this is some weird dream world, what point is there getting upset?"

The woman doubled over laughing as Y/N just deadpanned.


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