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"Ma'am, itutuloy niyo pa po ba ang meeting niyo with the new investor?"

I smiled at my secretary and nodded. "Yes, around 3PM right?"

"Yes ma'am. How about your meeting with Sir De Guzman concerning the stock funds of the company last September?"

"Cancel it."

"How about--"

"Cancel everything after the said meeting with the new investor, Ms. Larena."

"O-okay ma'am."


Nginitian ko na lang siya to assure her na di ako galit.

I'm just... tired.

Pagkalabas niya, napapikit na lang ako at siniksik lalo ang sarili ko sa swivel chair ng office ko.

*bzzt bzzt*

Sheesh, sino na naman ba 'to.

Kinuha ko yung phone ko sa desk at sinagot ito.


"Hi ma'am, what do you want for lu--"

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