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Hi! I finally decided to ignore what anyone else thinks and make a book with a character that's nonbinary, like me. And I know there are others out there like us too, and you don't see us represented enough. So, here.

This is dedicated to the trans community.

This book WILL contain the following:
- polyamory
- a trans character
- lots of angst
- possibly some mature bits
- mental illness

If you are transphobic, I suggest you leave now. I don't want your negativity. If you can't respect someone's pronouns, fictional or not, you need to get over yourself. How someone identifies does not harm you in any way.

Yes, a character will use they/them pronouns. Respect that. Again, I suggest you leave now if you're going to be an asshole. You will not be missed.

If you are a good person, and maybe you want to be educated, here:

nonbinary – a person who does not identify as exclusively male or female. someone who is nonbinary may feel they are not a man or a woman, and so instead sit outside the gender binary. most tend to use they/them pronouns, but everyone is different.



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P.S. — If you're new to my books, hi!! I'm Grey, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm queer as shit. Welcome. I hope you enjoy.

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