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Chapter 1:

Keosha’s (POV) Minnesota

            I kept reading the letter of FU over and over again; yeah it’s a school Flagstaff University funny huh. I can’t believe they had accepted me right away and even gave me this huge scholarship, I mean it paid for everything even my dorm! I was so excited to land in Minnesota already, I love LA but a new start is always good and Minnesota for me is definitely it.

            The whole journey from the airport to the school was hectic, but now being in front of the school made all of it go away. The school was beautiful! I started dragging my luggage trying to find my dorm and not even a minute of me inside and already guys were offering me their help. I was really tired so I was like what the heck! “Hey let me help you with those, a pretty lady like you shouldn’t be carrying heavy bags” said boy #1 I looked at him he was pretty cute so I just smiled n gave him my bag. “Oh no let me help you with those cutie wouldn’t want you to get hurt” I mentally rolled my eyes but gave boy #2 my bags with a smile, he was equally as cute. “well ok boys lead the way I’m looking for my room so maybe you guys can help” I gave them my paper with all my info n let them lead the way to my new “home”

            As we came to my dorm building I stopped and looked at the two guys, they were cute but I knew what they were after and I may be a lot of things but not that kind of girl. “Alright boys I think I can take it from here thanks for all the help” a winked at them, gave them a little smile and wave before they could say more and walked off leaving the pair with their mouths open staring at me walking away. I loved doing that! After a while of looking for my room I was finally in front of it. I looked at the top and saw two names taped on top of the number. It was mine and what I was guessing my roommate’s, Isamar. I took a deep breath and turned the door knob opening the door gently.

What I saw surprised the heck out of me! There in the middle of the room stood a very beautiful girl with black hair in a high but very nice pony tail in some sweats that had ISA across her butt, a black tank top and very beautiful green eyes. Her shoes had ISA on the sides, and anyone would have to be pretty dumb not to know this was Isamar. Apparently she felt the need of wearing her name. But the thing that surprised me was not what Isamar was wearing but of all the men in the room shuffling about and all the stuff everywhere! Isamar was in the middle barking orders at everyone telling them where to put stuff. I looked at everything and came to the conclusion that this girl was filthy rich! I mean the things that were in this place! Everything can’t possibly fit in this room. Isamar finally saw me and her eyes went wide she looked me up and down and started walking towards me. I was so nervous, god I hope she’s not a B! Well she’s rich so the odds are that she probably is. I felt my face drop, oh hell no this was going to be a very hard school year. As soon as Isamar reached me everything went silent and everyone stopped doing what they were doing to stare at us. Isamar squinted her eyes, “Are you Keosha, my roommate”?  I swallowed hard and then realized what the heck am I afraid of? if she wants to be a bitch well two can play that game. I looked at her in the eyes “Yes I am, care to explain what is going on here”?

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