"Missed Me, Missed Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me",

by H. M. Verdon

Copyright 2011 H. M. Verdon

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In the small town of Lewisburg , Tennessee , there lived a country house. It was one hundred years old with forty-three acres of hilly land covered with trees. On that land there was the two story, three bedroom house, a utility barn, a horse barn, and a chicken coop. I had memorized every part of that land; the flat terrain and the hills. In the hills, people liked to throw their garbage-and not just stinky stuff, but washing machines and tires and stuff like that-on our hills.

And that was what we did with our time; Liam and I.

Especially after reading 'Bridge to Terrabithia' for school, the hills became a sort of secret hideout for us. We built a teepee out of sheets and tree branches by a stream that was only full some of the time. That was our favorite spot; up ahead there was a steep path leading up with a bunch of big boulders that opened up to this mini waterfall. It was beautiful, even with the rusty, broken down barbed wire fence behind it.

We knew every part of those woods. We had every fort imaginable-even a useless basket hanging from a tree branch with a rope lever.

The hills were our fun before Mama and Daddy bought the horses. I started riding when I was five, but we never had enough money to buy me a horse. Then Daddy got a new job when I was almost seven, buying me a little black pony I named Molly. I rode her every day every chance I could get. We even took her in the hills, Liam and I, to carry our stuff. Molly was as much Liam's horse as she was mine, after all. There was nothing I had that I didn't share with Liam.

He was my best friend.

A year after Molly, Daddy's job made him move away. We couldn't buy another farm house, so we would be moving into the suburbs in Phoenix , Arizona . Not only did I have to say goodbye to Molly-Daddy gave her to Liam's family after he and I begged and begged him to-but I had to say goodbye to Liam, too.

On the morning of our leave, Liam's parents had come over so he could say goodbye. Tearfully I gave him a tight, never ending hug. He promised he would take care of Molly and the hills for me. I promised I would never, ever forget him. He gave me his worn out cowboy hat he'd had forever, just to make sure I wouldn't forget him.

Arizona was hot and dusty and I had resisted it for years. But as the years went by it was clear I would never be seeing Tennessee or Liam again. When I was twelve, I had forgotten all about Liam, basically, ignoring his letters that were few and fewer each week.

Eventually the letters stopped altogether.

And I forgot all about Liam Nelson.


A/N So, prologue of my new story. The setting is where I live, so you'll find a lot of description in the first chapter. This is kinda opposite of my life. I lived in CA then TN and left behind my best friend/crush Cameron. Turns out he's a jerk now, but anyway. What will happen with Liam? More info on the story coming up shortly.





P.S Been watching James Bond all week.

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