Chapter 8

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I was forced to suck in a loud breath when Lauren bit my shoulder rather hard. I knew that would leave teeth marks, but fuck that, because God it felt good. Just five minutes on the bed with her and she already knew what I loved.

Don't overthink that.

We were playing a dangerous power game, one that neither of us wanted to lose. How far would we take this before one of us stopped it, knowing that this really shouldn't happen? We were enemies, both fighting for our own government. If they ever found out we had done this, we would be seen as traitors and lose our jobs.

And I wasn't losing mine.

Grabbing a sharp hold of her with my legs, I tackled her sideways, forcing her to let go of my hands. I rolled on top of her and grabbed on to her shoulders, before I pounded down on her and assaulted her lips. She met me with equal fervor. Hovering on top of her hips, I felt her hands travel up my thighs, her fingers sending electrifying touches through my body. When she reached my ass, she squeezed each asscheek firmly.

I dug my nails into her shoulders and let out a garbled moan against her lips. The dampness warmed my panties as her hands started rubbing against my round flesh, just rubbing and rubbing and rubbing...

I was losing my mind. She was winning and she knew. I had to do something.

Thinking quickly, I sat up and in one fluid yank pulled off my top. When I saw her eyes land on my chest, I brought my hands to my bra, teasing her with the sight of me playing with the straps.

"See something you like?" It was my turn to quote her. When I saw the flash of annoyance run across her face, I smirked, pretty damn pleased. "I think you do."

"Take it off," She said with a challenge imbedded in her voice. She was daring me.

The joke was on her though, because I wasn't shy. I unhooked my bra easily and dragged it off my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor in an elegant movement. I watched Lauren drink up my femininity in all its topless glory, hypnotized by my peaked, cream nipples.

When she made a move to sit up, I placed a hand on her chest and shoved her back down. "Ah-ah, big girl. I'm on top, that's means I'm in charge."

Her eyes narrowed hard on me. "You know how fast that can change."

"Indulge me then," I whispered and grabbed onto the headboard. I slowly leaned down in over her, letting my breasts hover above her face. "Want to touch? Show me what you've got."

She let out a small growl. Then before I could rethink my words, her head lifted from the pillows and her mouth latched on to me. Her tongue flicked out and teased my nipple, then her teeth bit sharply down on me, causing me to gasp. My grip around the headboard hardened and my eyes fluttered shut briefly as I let myself enjoy her work for just two seconds.

Only two.

But then her hands were moving up to my slender sides, tracing up to the curve of my ribs. My skin burned where she touched me, and as she gently traced her thumbs over the part just below my breasts, I couldn't stop the shudder that went through me. Her mouth was rough, but her touch was silk, and together they made me a writhing mess. I had to level myself on her left shoulder to avoid tilting sideways.

She was taking the control, even from beneath me.

Gritting my teeth and willing my weakened mind, I gathered every last bit of strength she hadn't taken from my body yet with her touch. I took back the control; Sliding down, I made her mouth unlatch from my breast and instead met her lips with my own. She welcomed me, and our tongues wound together in a battle of power, of dominance. I needed more than that and therefore let my hand travel down the trail of buttons on her shirt, opening them and exploring the naked, rippled skin below that tensed at my touch.

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