The Elixir of Life

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It was like being born all over again. A knew fresh wave of pain that hasn't been there since father was taken. I wanted to rip my heart out. It felt like a knife had been stabbing it repeatedly since what happened had been let out into the air. It was confirmation. My last hope at it all being a lie was not there anymore. Tears slid scalding and shameless down my face. In a moment he was there hugging me. It was comfort even though I knew, unless I wanted to feel this way again, that it would only be temporary.

"It's alright." He whispered the words into my ear as he stroked my hair. His voice was soothing and comforting, it was something I needed to keep my mind straight and think so I couldn't seep back into depression.

If I could sneak into the Lab tonight and test for every minute I was awake maybe I could be able to do alot of damage in a short period of time. Yes that is what needed to happen. It was the only way to atone for causing Ethan and his mother so much pain. The only way to ensure that more people didn't suffer from the Lab.

Ethan eventually came in from outside and the guy still held me in his arms. Even when we lay down on the floor his arms encircled my body, feeding it the warmth and hope that it needed. I knew Ethan wouldn't sleep that night, so I waited to hear the soft, light, warmth of the boys breath wash over my face before getting up.

It was somewhat tricky because his arms still encircled me. I wished so much that I could stay there but I knew what had to be done also. I already missed the warmth.

Silently, I motioned towards the door and Ethan followed. He was in a numb state also and had a lot of things that I wanted to know before I left, all starting with who was the mystery guy.

"He's a soldier from a northern district named Isaac. He was more drafted into the Lab's army than voulunteered. And the man you helped earlier is named Carter. No one really knows his real name. You'll kill him for me wont you? Please I beg of you." Ethan was desperate again. If I wanted to find out anything useful I'd have to stay away from the topic of Carter.

"Yes I will find him for you." I knew I couldn't kill him even if I did find him. But I needed Ethan to know that I was on his side in this fight. "So what can you tell me about the Lab?" Ethan might not look it but, he was a storage bank of information because people never watched what they said around him. Even Dark Men.

"They are most heavily guarded during the day when the fighting is worse and the people are bold and the towns don't have to be guarded." The serious look that Ethan was giving me almost made me laugh because it didn't fit his age, but I knew he meant business.

"Any good openings my little friend?" I knew he was sad and I had to lighten the mood somehow. It was dreadfully cold without a soft chuckle or so to warm the air.

"On the east side there is vent opening in the roof where smoke comes out during the day. They don't need to do much chemical work at night so they shut the machines down and lock all the things in a room. You can see it from the vent when you go in."

"How do you know so much, little man" I asked ruffling his hair. He looked down sadly as I realized I had asked the wrong question again.

"Mom had me sneak in sometimes, because she's not quick, to steal food and other things that we needed. No one else knows about it." He looked at me a moment. "Why are you trying to get in?" I didn't expect him to ask that much but there was no harm in it. Ethan was the closest thing to a friend I had left.

"I'm planning on stealing a substance that alters the genes in a human to make people turn into the Dark Men, I think anyways. I want to test it and see if I can reverse its effects or at least be able to use it for a good purpose." Ethan's eyes still showed confusion, but it was obvious that he didn't understand my infatuation.

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