Little Note

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Hello my lovelies!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating this book! I've been so busy and distracted but I will be updating in groups.

So I will update two or three chapters at a time to get me up to speed.

Just remember I'm doing four stories at one time so if I say or make a reference that goes to a different book just please know that is the reason.

Along with not updating constantly❤️but I will be giving you updates each week!

I promise!!

Anyways!!! How has everyone been?! Good I hope! I'm doing great! I've been working nonstop. I am about to do my finals for college. And thinking of great fanfics I could write.

Like I really want to do Avatar. I know it's crazy and I would take forever with it. Yet I'm really wanting to do it.

Love you all so much!❤️

Love you all so much!❤️

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