Twenty one

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To say that I was pissed would be an understatement of the whole damn century. I was livid. And maybe I was hurt too. I didn't know what to choose, but I knew for sure that I didn't want to talk to Ace.

No matter how much I loved that man, it hurt me to think that he had lied right to my face and acted as if nothing out of the sorts had happened. No relation could be held on lies and if I let go of this one, there would be so many more to follow. 

One might think that this wasn't that big of a deal, but no one would know how it felt to be lied to, by the person who you trust the most. It seemed like I couldn't trust anything which sputtered out of his mouth again.

And there was an other fact that he had avoided all my calls on the first day I arrived home and called me two days later. Two frigging days without any message or note saying that he was fine. And out of curiosity when I had answered his call after two days-I made sure that Imran wouldn't let Ace know that know- he spoke as if nothing had happened.

Sure he apologised that he wasn't able to call me because he was busy attending some business dealings and he had so very less time and been flying almost all timezones. But he never once spoke out of the ordinary, like he wasn't the one who had my best friend tell my dad what happened and made sure that I was out of the town. 

If he wanted to do things like that, he mustn't have been sloppy. He must've thought that I'd call him for leave like I did last time and boy, wasn't he wrong.

He even had the cheek to ask if this week could be the right week to tell my parents about us. He said that he missed me and loved me and all sappy crap, but nothing went into my head. All which was registering was that he was putting up a bloody good act. 

I had stayed silent most of the time and he didn't seem to notice that something was wrong. I just hung up on him when I couldn't take his lies anymore.

And that was whole two days ago. That meant it had been four days since I've arrived home and I was loving it.

After explaining that I had gotten over the fear called Mitchell, and how I stood my ground and asked him to get out of the office without flinching at his sight, seemed to make them slightly relaxed. Dad was tad but proud when he knew how I stood my ground, but they were scared too. They knew all too well about his criminal history, curtesy by David and they would keep me here all life if they could.

Everything seemed fine with my parents and I didn't know why I still wanted to drop by Leila and learn some delicious meat recipes, to cook for Ace. I mean that man had lied to me.

He didn't know what was wrong when I hung up on him all of a sudden and kept texting me till noon when I did not answer his calls. By evening, his brain seemed to understand that I knew and he kept texting me that he was sorry. He tried using all his charms on me, but phone could only do so much. He must know that his messages wouldn't affect me as his presence would do and I was thankful that he was no where near me.

If he was, I would forgive him in just a snap. That was the power he held on me and it sacred the living crap out of me. 

He then tried calling me from my friend's mobile. I didn't know that he was stupid enough to think that I'd answer when he had Imran call me. He seemed to know it little later and tried from every other number of them. I knew that it was him calling me because Ina, being the loyal friend she was, had let me know.

Ina must've put up a good fight but had lost under his charms because she was the last one to call. I would've answered her call, if it wasn't for the message that let me know that it wasn't her calling before she did.

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