12: Luxury at the Wingspan Resort

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The worst thing about living in space is there is never a day or a night time. On Earth time is measured between each sunrise by twenty-four hours, but here in space Earth time no longer made sense. There was no moon to remind you that it was getting late or a sun to wake you up. So how do you measure time in space?

It was a topic Novus and I spoke about as we chomped on our burgers. He said there was an agreed time of forty-two quarks. One quark equaled to about thirty minutes of Earth time so forty-two quarks was about twenty-one hours of Earth time. A shorter day than what I was used to.

I watched the funny looking clock on the diner wall flip to 34, and knew it must be getting close to the end of the day. Virgo exited the kitchen and placed a bowl of ice cream in front of me. Novus was quick to disapprove.

"Isn't it late for sweets," he said nudging the bowl away.

"Hey," warned Virgo, holding a stiff threatening finger at Novus, "this is a gift for the little lady. Eat up, sweetheart. Don't let this mean rogue Wish-Hunter tell you what to do." He shoved a spoon in my ice cream and walked off.

The ice cream tasted just like home. I guess it was true what my mom would say, you can't ruin ice cream. Novus looked greedily at my bowl full of sweet goodness.

"Can I have a bite?"

I sighed. "Only one bite."

Novus took the biggest spoon he could find and scooped into my bowl.

"Hey, not so much. That's my ice cream."

"And that's my ship out there, but I'm sure your parents taught you to share."

"Whatever." I moved the bowl away and finished the last little bit on my own. "I'm not sharing anything with you anymore."

Novus chuckled and pushed away from the bar.

"It's getting late, Eddie. We should head out. Big day tomorrow."

"What do you mean," I said with my mouth dripping in ice cream.

"It's a surprise. You wanted to explore the universe. I know the perfect place."

"I don't like surprises," I said, swallowing.

"You'll like this one."

I finished and placed my bowl at the edge of the bar.

"Thank you, Mr. Virgo," I said waving at the big guy.

"Hey, kid." The man rushed out of the kitchen holding a grey bag. "I packed you some meals for the road. Who knows when Mr. Pickle Jar here will feed you next."

"Hey, I'll have you know I would never let a kid starve," protested Novus as Stella sucked the last of her soup through a straw.

"Anyway," said Virgo. "You're a good kid, and I couldn't forgive myself knowing I sent you away empty handed. I'm not sure what bargain you two have, but just be careful on your little adventure. Space can be a dangerous place."

"I will," I said looking into the bag. It was filled with a bunch of burgers and sweets and what appeared to be vegetables. One pickle was wrapped up just for me. "Thank you, Mr. Virgo."

"I know those were your pickles so please if you're flying by stop anytime. It'll be on the house, and you can share some Earth recipes with me. I want this restaurant to be more authentic."

"Of course!" I cried.

"Come on, Eddie," motioned Novus at the door.

"I got to go. Bye." I waved goodbye and hugged the bag close to my chest. Rushing passed tables and chairs, I ran after Novus. Lira walked by Virgo carrying a tray of dirty plates.

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