#1 back with a bang

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"Kylian wait", I pleaded. "What are you doing?".

"I'm leaving and I'm taking the fucking baby! Look at yourself Savanna! Your a mess!", he yelled, his words piercing my skin as I cringed holding onto the alcohol bottle in my hand as I wept, tears streaming down my face.

"No!", I shouted standing to my feet, clumsily falling to the side as the drink was in full effect as I burped tasting the sour taste of the alcohol sting my throat. "You can't take my baby! I made him, he's mine! Kylian!", I yelled louder as I watched him through blurry eyes shake his head and turn away, holding my absolute pride and joy.

As my vision became so blurry I was almost unable to see straight, I cried, and cried and cried, but the tears meant nothing when all the mess was caused by me anyway.

"Mama!". My heart burst with affection when I heard the little voice cry, managing to see through cloudy eyes, I caught sight of my most prized possession, my little boy, his confused little face as he held onto Kylian as he walked away.

"No!", I cried hitting the wall as I threw the glass bottle against the floor watching it shatter before seeing Kylian walk out the door, taking my baby with him. "No! No!"

I frowned as I felt myself shake before hearing a faint voice. "Sav? Savanna?".

"What just happened?", I said opening my eyes and sitting up seeing Chelsea's face in front of me.

She laughed. "I don't know, I think you were having a nightmare".

"Oh yeah", I nodded looking around the room seeing we were in my hotel room. "I had a dream I was an alcoholic and Kylian took my baby away".

"Well...that's a nice way to start the day", she said sarcastically with raised eyebrows before standing up and handing me a tea making me laugh and shake my head. "Anyway come on, I need to leave soon, I have a hair appointment at 12 so if you want dropping off at the airport then you best move your ass".

"Actually I'm going to see Kylian at the centre before I go, I need to pick up a few things there anyway so if you could drop me there instead and I'll get an uber to the airport that would be great", I smiled cheekily hoping she would agree since the training centre was in the completely opposite direction the where she was heading.

She rolled her eyes. "Like Kylian would ever let you take an uber, he would probably get his private jet to land on the pitch if it meant you didn't have to use public transport".

I chuckled gathering my pre packed suitcases and putting them all by the front door. "True".

Waving my trusty hotel room a temporary farewell, we struggled getting my suitcases down the lifts before loading them into Chelsea's car. "This is a lot of clothes for two weeks".

I rolled my eyes as we got in and she began to drive, giving my hotel one last look before it was out of sight and we were on the way to the centre. "Have to be prepared for the unexpected".

Arriving at the centre, I unloaded my suitcases before thanking Chelsea and hugging her. "Text me everyday and look after the little bean growing inside you, I love you!".

I laughed. "I will do, love you too!", I shouted seeing her drive away before slightly pouting. I honestly couldn't believe how I made such good friends here, I didn't even want to think about the day I have to leave them for good. As I was left in the heavily packed car park, I wheeled my two suitcases to the entrance, the wind blowing my hair in all directions before I felt them yanked out of my grip seeing Neymar smile down at me as he wheeled my suitcases in the centre.

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