Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

It was just a regular day at school. Well it started as that. At lunch Kacchan just draged me out to the training grounds. Oh one more thing I may have had him learn who his soulmate was. That is a mistake on my part. Anywho the whole class on class 1-B followed us which is bad. They know there is going to be a fight. Oh also Monoma is Kacchan's soulmate don't tell him I told you though.

Without any warning Kacchan started to attack me. While he was doing that Iida went to get Aizawa-sensei. Also don't tell anyone that I know they are soulmates just keeping it a secret. When on the topic of soulmates where is different ways to find them. For Kacchan it was a soulmark for me it will be the first time I talk to mine I will know instantly who it is. Before the fight got to serious Aizawa came and took us to the principles office. To be honest I was scared to go in.

When in the office Aizawa-sensei had to stay. "I already know what happened so Bakugou you and your soulmate will have to be with Aizawa the whole time for free time lunches and anytime you could be hurting a student. That will be for a month." Nezu then ushered them both out. "So why did you let him start to fight you." "I honestly don't-" I then felt a click. Wait Nezu is my soulmate. Well did not see that happening. "I am as surprised as you just do you remember what happens if a human and animal are soulmates."

"Well the one that is an animal meets there soulmate then can turn into a human with animal features and can turn back again." I then felt like he sat by me and wrapped his arm around me but in his new humanish form. "That isn't all." "Oh ya we both get two more quirks." "I am surprised you know more about soulmates then anyone in your class since you start learning about them mostly at this age." "Well I had to get a head start especially since my regular quirk has to deal with me knowing everyone's soulmate if I want to."

"I understand how that can be." I smiled a tad before a frown. "What is my punishment for fighting Kacchan." When I asked that Nezu just looked at me for a bit. "Well before you both came in I was about to assign everyone to have a roommate. Also I want soulmates together as much as possible." "Oh well I will be happy to help but do you know Aizawa's soulmate." "What kinda of principle would I be if I did since of course if anyone did have a teacher for a soulmate I will put them in a same dorm."

I gave Nezu a small nod. He then got up and went to his office chair and did a single for me to come and I did. Just to have him make me sit on his lap that is which made me blush. Then we went to work on the soulmate roommate situation. To say I just blushed a lot the whole time. Also surprised that mostly all the students have a soulmate. When we did finished Nezu kissed my forehead. "Thanks for helping me just keep coming here everytime Bakugou keep trying to hurt you in his month and well you still have to help me everyday for two weeks."

"I understand." Then when we both looked outside a purple dust of some sort was up in the air. That made Nezu quickly turn on the TV. 'The day has come that the purple dust going up into the air. If you are wondering what this means is that some soulmates will be instantly closer to one another and if the body of one of them is ready to carry a child then this will also help with it. One more thing it doesn't matter if you are inside or not.'

"Izu I think your body is ready." At that I just notice I have been grinding on him. "Heh I didn't know I was doing that but now I do it feels so good." With that I went a bit harder. "Can you wait long enough to get to my bedroom." "I don't know." All I got was a sigh before he picked me up which I wrapped myself around him. Nezu then went to apparently a secret room to his office. "This is my secondary bedroom just in case I almost put an all nighter."

He then throw me on the bed which I just let out a small moan. That was just before Nezu was on top of me. Which made me even more excited. I felt my mind fogged up once we did started to get out of our clothes. Time skip to morning. When I woke up my ass was sore and yet I was just in a cuddly mood. Which I started to do that with sleeping Nezu. "Izu wake up you need to get to class." "But I want cuddles." "Stage 1 of knowing if the purple dust or any soulmate pregnancy." I just looked at Nezu kinda not knowing what he ment.

"Well you see there are ten stages if one of the two soulmates got pregnant with the other. First is wanting to be by them all the time which is mostly the cuddling. Next will be wanting more attention third is only wanting to be carried. After that is a mixture of the first two stages. Fifth is the mother/ one carrying the child/children will want to get everything for the baby/babies. Sixth is cravings. Next is when they find out if any children is going to live no matter what which can only happen once for this stage in the soulmates life. Eight they just want to sleep."

"The almost last one is wanting more attention for the kid. Tenth is just mostly having no morning sickness. The thing is this will all happen within about two weeks." I did not expect this.

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