Chapter 13

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The instance Kat's eyes opened, she realised the day and quickly shut them tight again. She hoped that if she would pretend to be asleep for as long as she could, she would be able to escape her wedding day. Alas as soon as she had thought those words, Lady Abigail burst through the door and shook Kat to wake her.

"Come on my dear it's an exiting day!"
Lady Abigails smile was the most genuine Kat had seen it and her voice was even more shrill than usual. Kat sat up in her bed, watching as maids set out her wedding clothes and heated up hair irons by the fire. She could feel the dread settle in her stomach, she no longer had little fantasies about how maybe it would be okay, because now the day was here and she still didn't know how to get home. To be completely honest she hadn't really tried actively to look for a way home as she didn't know where to start. "Emma" had not been written yet so she could just read it till she fell asleep again.

Lady Abigail noticed her just sitting in her bed watching the goings on and frowned.
"Well hurry up, we don't have all day!"

The maids showed her to a copper tub that had been lined with linen and filled with warm water. She was placed in the tub with her chemise still on, which puzzled her, and the maids began to wash her skin and hair with scented soaps and oils. Kat frowned as they began to rigorously massage a soap into her hair but the maid assured her it was a gentle one.

She was then dried off with towels and her cotton chemise replaced with a fine weave muslin one. She was then dressed in all her wedding finery, which seemed to be alot of layers. Kat was sure she would be thankful for them once out in the cold morning air.
Her stays were tightened on top of her chemise and thick woolen stockings were pulled up her legs and over her knee where a ribbon was tied around to fasten it. Her petticoat was put on and then finally the dress. With all the unnecessary decorations taken off, it was very elegant and beautiful with its long sleeves and silver fabric. Her shoes were put on her feet by a maid and then she was sat down at her dressing table for her hair to be done.

A silver ribbon was twisted into her hair which was then twisted into a bun, and the curling irons were removed from their place in the fire and used to make little curls that framed the face.

Lady Abigail brought the little box that held the necklace out of a drawer in the dressing table with glee. Her face lit up as she opened it and gazes at the necklace.
"Oh isn't it just wonderful that he gifted you this necklace!"

Kat inwardly rolled her eyes and replied in a monotone voice.
"Yes mother."

It was placed around her neck and she had a sharp intake of breath of how beautiful it was all together.
She whispered.

The rest of her finery was put on, cape, gloves and bonnet, and she was led downstairs by her mother to the front room where her family waited, all dressed in their finest clothes. She took her brothers arm and he led her to one of the two carriages lined up on the street.

She and her brother sat in the first one and Lady Abigail, Adelaide and the baroness sat in the other one.

Once in the carriage, Kat felt the butterflies in her stomach go out of control and she began to play with her hands out of nervous habit. The baron smiled at her.

"Don't worry dear sister,  I was nervous on my wedding as well but once you are there it all goes away."

Kat nodded in thanks at her brother but his advice didn't really do anything for her nerves. She looked back over at him and noticed his face going red and his eyes tearing up.

"Why do you cry Johnothan?"

He laughed and wiped his eyes.
"Oh no, Im just sad to see you go. All my little sisters are going to be leaving me."

Kat jumped from her side of the carriage to her brothers and hugged him as she started to cry too. She felt a sense of dread in leaving her brother and sister in law who had become her best friends in this wacky past. She pulled away from the hug and Johnathan brushed away the tears on her cheeks.
"Mother is going to kill you for ruining your skin with your tears."

They both laughed before realising they had pulled up in front of the church and had to leave the carriage. She and her brother stood facing the big double doors of the church and he held out his arm for him to hold. Kat went to place her hand on his arm and found herseld quivering uncontrollably. Johnathan put his hand on hers in comfort and smiled, Kat let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

Her mother and sisters carriage pulled up and mother giggle as she handed Kat a bouquet but she frowned and licked her thumb before rubbing her daughters cheek.
"Have you been crying?"

Johnathan gave Kat a knowing look.

Lady Abigail stopped fussing and the giant wooden doors swung open with the loud chord of organ music.

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