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I changed, i was different, i pushed back all my feelings, i tried to be my fathers little girl, i didn't want him to see me as a broken record.

"honey" Dad smiled as he walked in, Ash, Mikey and Luke hot on his tail, "it's sunday, and it's ice cream day!" he smiled excitedly, as the boys did. i sighed and rolled over "i don't feel like it" I mumbled into my blankets, i had to face mom and Matthew in court, i wasn't sure what would happen to my mom, i didn't want to be the reason why she goes to jail.

"bug?, c'mon you've been in here for a few days, come outside with us at least?" I sighed and nodded, i pulled my sheets off and walked downstairs, grabbing a bottle of water i sat down on the grass, i gave a small smile to the boys before crawling into my dads lap,  hugging him.

"You guys haven't been to work in a few weeks, i'm fine pa, you guys have lives to save" i mumbled  into his neck, gripping his shirty gently. "We know, we just love spending time with you" Mikey replied, i huffed and sat up straight, brining my knees to my chest.

I had managed to convince the boys back to work, dad stayed with me, making sure i didn't loose my mind- although secretly i was, i was just getting better at hiding it.

I had appointments with Mikey every week,  i had refused at the start but i always somehow managed to distract him enough throughout the whole hour so i didn't have to talk about how i was feeling.

"The jury has come to a decision, Melody Ann Montgomery you no longer have custody of Faith, you will serve the maximum of two years jail time for the endangering of Faith and for the possession of illegal drugs" Those words made me cry, my mom is going to jail because of me.

"they weren't even my drugs! i never touched them!" she yelled, the whole court room gasping, after her lawyer telling to settle down she did.

"Matthew Grant Mason you are hear by to maximum five years in jail for the assault and rape of Faith with no bail or good behaviour, Alex Luther you are also hear by to maximum five years in jail for the Rape charges against you, again with no bail or good behaviour, court dismissed" Letting out a breath of air i gripped Dads shirt tightly, leaning into his touch i cried happy tears as well as sad ones.

Later that night we were all snuggled on the couch watching greys anatomy, the boys kept picking out ever error which was funny but it got super annoying. "i might head upstairs, i'm kind tired" i kissed their cheeks, as i closed my door i let the tears fall. i couldn't help but think it was all my fault, i should've kept my mouth closed. My mom was in jail and that was on me.


My poor baby had been through a lot these past weeks, i was surprised to see that she still has kept it together, she was strong, one of the many things i loved about her.

"she needs a break this is all too much and i know she's gonna loose her mind" i sighed, sitting down as i rubbed my temples, i was more then infuriated with the whole situation, my baby didn't deserved what happened to her, i can't believe i let it get this far.

"what about taking her to an amusement park or we could all go stay up at our condo in the mountains for a week?" i suggested, the boys nodded in agreement. we brainstormed a plan and figured out when the best time was to take of work.

After finishing the movie off, i made sure Faith was okay, kissing her forehead i made my way to my room to finish of paperwork, i never thought that i would end up in the situation i'm in, it wasn't okay and i can't believe what Melody did.

Waking up in the middle of the night to screaming i immediately ran into Faiths room, seeing her on the floor in hysterics hurt me.

"baby, shh, it's me, it's your dad, i've got you" i murmured into her hair, cradling her on my lap to calm her down.

sending the boys a nod, telling them i could handle it they nodded and walked off. "Dad?" she whispered, i hummed and stroked her head lightly. "i'm sorry i didn't tell you about mom" she mumbled, "i'm sorry i sent her to jail." hearing her breath become shallow i let her cry.

"don't apologise, i should be the one apologising, baby girl" I kissed her forehead and rocked her back to sleep, eventually carrying her to my room, i smiled as she cuddled into me, i would keep her safe from now on.

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