Chapter 11

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Timeskip to afterschool in the clubhouse
Shoki (POV)
Rias- You mist never go near the church again boys.
Issei- Why?
Rias- For devils like us, the church is enemy territory. Simply setting a foot inside cab cause major problems between angels and devils. Surely you could sense that something was telling you to be careful.
Shoki- Yeah I got sharp pains in my body the closer we got. Especially my right hand.
Issei- I felt a chill and my left hand tensed up.
Rias- Mhmm. That was your devil instinct telling you two that danger was close. Being in close proximity of someone from the church is a very risky proposition. Also what's even more dangerous is that some of the exorcists affiliated with church use scared gear. They could really hurt you two. Boys, just know that if a devil receives a devil purge, it's utterly annihilated. The end of the line. They can feel nothing. They're gone forever. You can never come back from that. Do you understand?
Issei- I got it.
Rias- Shoki? Are we clear?
Shoki- Crystal.
Rias- I'm sorry. I've gotten too worked up. I want you two to be more careful is all.
She walks away and issei and I leave the the room to head to the main room. I get out the door to and find Akeno waiting to the side.
Shoki- Uh issei, you go in ahead. I'll be there in a sec.
Issei- Yeah sure Dude.
He leaves leaving Akeno and myself.
Shoki- Where you eavesdropping?
Akeno- Uh no...........a little bit. I just wanted to make sure Rias didn't dig into you too bad. Although that was very careless of you to do something like that.
Shoki- So I've heard. You come here to lecture me too?
She grabs my hands and pulls me into a tight hug.
Akeno- Just be more careful please. If not for yourself then at least for me. We might not have known each other very long but I do care about you.
Shoki- Thanks Akeno.
Akeno- Shoki, can we stay like this a bit longer?
We stay like this a bit longer and she starts to caress my hair.
Shoki- Oh that's nice.
???- Hey!
We break apart out of shock to see Uzume and she was staring daggers at Akeno while Akeno gave her an innocent smile.
Akeno- Well hello Uzume. I had thought you'd be home already.
Uzume- I would be but I had plans to walk with brother today. That is until I found out why he was almost late this morning. You're a Baka Shoki.
Shoki- Yeah yeah I know. So what's up?
Uzume- Well we have received a message from the archduke.
Akeno- The archduke?
Uzume- Apparently a rouge devil has been causing trouble nearby. It's urgent.
We all get teleported in the middle of the woods.
Kiba-Stray devils start out as devil servants.
Shoki- Like us?
Kiba- No not exactly. Once and awhile, the servant rebels and kills their master to gain freedom. Then they become strays.
Akeno- According to the reports, this stray has been tricking people into that abandoned house up ahead and eating them.

Issei- Ugh gross

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Issei- Ugh gross.
Akeno- Tonight's job shouldn't be so hard. Just find the beast and kill it.
Uzume- Just watch out where you're shooting your lightning and try not to go overboard.
Akeno- And you watch where you swing that scythe of yours.
Uzume gets in Akeno's face and you could see the sparks fly.
Rias- Ok girls calm down. Let's just do this.
We go up the steps and enter the a abandoned house.
Indigo: That's the end of this one. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Later indigo fam. Peace.

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