Chapter 10

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I entered the wedding and looked around. Everyone was either in the dance floor or in the bar.

I looked left and saw my niece sitting on a chair her feet dangling.

"Uncle hi. Let's go my friend is waiting."

"Whoa there slow down speedster."

She held my hand and kept pulling me.

"Walk faster uncle."

We reached the girls bathroom and Hallie went inside.

"Uncle she's in here."

I entered and saw a girls sleeping on the counter. Walking towards her some of her features started to look familiar. It was Nikki. She's drunk.

"Uncle can you help her.?"

"Yes I can Hallie. you could go back to the wedding I'll take care of her."

"Ok uncle."

Hallie left skipping down the corridor.

"Nikki, Nikki , Nikki what am I going to do with you. always getting into trouble."


Nikki's pov

A warm feeling in my cheek woke me up. I was laying on a very comfy bed with red velvet sheets. The curtains were closed but a tiny piece was folded allowing the evil ray of sunlight to wake me up.

Uhhg to much sunlight.

To bright.

To early.

Why is my head pounding, it feels like my high school band is practicing in their.

Memories started to come back to me. little Hallie asking me to take her to the bathroom. Me falling asleep on the counter while waiting for her.

Where am I? Shouldn't I be in the bathroom still. Did a rapist take me?

"Sleeping beauty finally awakens."

No its someone worse.


"Why am I hear?" I asked him.

"You decided it was a nice idea to get drunk on your cousins wedding and fell asleep in the bathroom."

"That still doesn't explain why I am here."

"I'm your knight in shining armor."

Knight in shining armor, he'll look better as super man.

Nikki snap out of it. You need to find a way out of here.

I felt my head spinning and my tummy doing turns and swirls. Ugg I think I'm going to throw up.

"Wheres the bathroom?!"

He pointed to a door on the left side of the room. I ran too it. My feet pounding on the wooden floor. I started puking my guts out in the toilet.You see this, this is why I hate drinking, no I don't ,but I hate hangovers. I felt a warm hand rub my back and pull my hair back. "Sh love let it all out."

Once I was done. My mouth tasted like crap. I felt like death and my body ached.

"Princess take a shower you'll feel better. I'll get you some clothes and pain killers."

I didn't have enough energy in me to fight back so i just nodded and walked towards the shower. I started to strip when I heard the door close.

The rays of water fell on body washing away the aroma of alcohol and the last remnants of sleep. The pounding in my head made it impossible too enjoy the shower.

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