Chapter Two

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The frustrated leader slammed the thick folder down, causing all her stuff on her desk to tremble. It was not her stuff that Gyuri wanted to scare but rather the thick-skulled girl across from her who just didn't seem to understand what she was getting across.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to act rashly in situations like these?"

An unintelligible sound came from Jennie as she found a whole new interest in her sneakers.

"Look at this. No, actually open the file. This is your record Jennie Kim. Understand that your record is only so huge not because of your astounding achievements but rather all the blunders you made since you ever became a police. Even with this record, I've chosen to trust you. Why? Because I believe that you are strong and capable. However, those two points doesn't seem good enough to make up for the lack of brain usage you exert in crucial times like these."

If a mouse felt small, it was nothing compared to how Jennie felt right now. She tried her last attempt to redeem herself.

"If we didn't do anything, the kid would've been killed," she said quietly.

Gyuri rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Yes Jennie. I know how important the lives of innocent people are but don?t you realize what could've happened if he defeated you? We would have to keep your promise and let everyone go! If we didn't do what he wanted, out of anger he would've obliterated not only the boy?s brain but also endanger everyone who was there! Jennie Kim, do you understand me?"

Gyuri let out a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. The usually optimistic Jennie was replaced by a pitiful creature who wanted nothing but to evaporate from the spot. Now that it was flung right at her, Jennie wondered how it never crossed her mind before.

"I'm sorry."

Gyuri's eyes softened.

"Look, I know you?re trying your best and your intentions were good. I admire how you are so willing to put yourself in front of danger to protect others, I really do. As a friend, I'm glad I've met you but as the team leader, I really don't know what to do anymore."
Gyuri picked up a letter and handed it to Jennie.

"Bring this to the boss. Take care."

Jennie took the letter and quietly exited Gyuri's office. She bade a long goodbye to all her team members and said goodbye to the fifteenth floor. Team KARA's floor. No longer belonging there, she sighed. Surely, the boss was tired of seeing her as well. The elevator ride could not feel any more familiar. However, this would probably be the last time taking it.


A knock sounded from her door.

"Come in."

Bae Joohyun and Jennie locked eyes once again and Joohyun opened the letter handed to her by Jennie and read with care.

"Alright. Take a seat."

The girl seated herself across from the short girl's desk and Joohyun began.

"Jen Jen Jennieeeeeeee! What am I going to do with you? You've been in almost every single team! Jennieeee!" T.T

"Awww, Hyunnie. I'm sorry."

Childhood friends since elementary school, the pair would always call each other by their nicknames when something like this happened. Joohyun was famous for her countless awards for being a great leader, her ability as an outstanding cop, facing danger one could not even imagine and for being the impartial and proud Head of four elite teams. There were only three people in the entire world who could get her down on her knees and that would be her mom, her dad and Jennie.

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