In The rain (Part 5)

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Outside the dorm:

"Yoomi please stay close to me if not you'll getting wet.."Jin told me.

"Okay.."I answered and move near to him a little bit.

"Why are you so afraid to near me? I'm not a ghost.." Jin said.

"I-I just felt un-uncomfortable.."I reply.

"Don't be like that~we are friend.."Jin said and he pulled my waist near him.

Yoomi POV

"Oh no..even now is raining but I can still feel my body was hot..what is wrong with you Yoomi"

Suddenly I remember what Minji told me in the dorm.


"Yoomi!! I think I've started to like Taehyung~!!What should I do! >.<"Minji shouted.

"How do you know?"I asked.

"My mom told me..I if you started to like someone, you can feel that your body was hot whenever he's near to you or touching your hand..sometimes you will saw your face are in light pink and it's called blushing.." Minji explained.

End of flashback

"Is this called the feeling of love??Am I really started to like Jin??"I mumbled but suddenly..

"What are you saying Yoomi?? Anything wrong?"Jin said.

"E-er-ermm...nothing..nothing haha.."I answered straight-away.

"Oh..It's good then..lets keep walking.. :)"Jin told me.

Suddenly a huge lightning flashed infront of me.

"AHHH!!! HELP ME!!" I shouted as loud as I can.

I hugged Jin tightly when another lightning striked again and I hug him even tighter.

"Yoomi are you okay?? Are you scared of lightning??" Jin asked and I nodded quickly.

"It's okay...I'm here..I will protect you Yoomi..let's walk faster.." Jin hold my hand tightly and run toward my dorm.

I just followed him to where he's heading and hold his hand more tighter until we reached the block where my dorm located.

"Yoomi we're's fine now.."Jin said.

I realized and slowly loosen my hand from him.

"Bye Jin..and..thank you.."I said with a weak smile.

"Welcome.. and bye.."Jin reply.

"Yoomi...?"Jin suddenly called my name.

When I turn around without saying anything.Jin leaned foward and kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight Yoomi..have a sweet dream and we'll meet tomorrow morning.."Jin said.

"Go-goodni-night J-Jin..."I was standing frozen there and looking into Jin's handsome face.

He smile to me and ran back to his dorm.


Chapter 5 done!
This chapter is the last one for today because I'm tired already haha..

Same like Jin said to Yoomi..
"Goodnight guys.." :)

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