Chapter 9~invited to a party

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Chan, Changbin, and Jisung were rapping and everytime they were done, WooJin would clap and say 'good job guys' and after hug Chan.

Jisung was annoyed because not only because Chan and WooJin were being sweet, but also Changbin was texting Felix again "I hate being the only single person in 3racha!" Jisung yelled to get everyone's attention in the room.

"Wanna try?" Chan asked and Jisung nodded "Just one person!" Jisung said and Chan and WooJin laughed "You can't date once, you have to find someone" Chan said and Jisung just humph "Do you want me to find some boys from our class?" Chan asked and Jisung nodded "Yes!" Jisung said happily and after group meeting, they went to class and Chan asked almost everyone including Minho.

The next day, every boy and girl in class were waiting for Jisung, and when Jisung arrived he was shook "Chan! Why are they staring at me!?" Jisung asked "Stop being like that and find someone!" it wasn't even in his class, it was EVERY class in kpop high.

After choosing because I'm lazy! He couldn't choose and it wasn't even everyone, some people were absent and some were so late that Jisung had enough.

"I'll wait instead..." Jisung said and Chan looked annoyed at him "Love is not gonna come to you, you come to find love, don't be a lazy boy!" Chan said and ruffled Jisung's hair.

"I quit! I'll just wait till college or even when I graduate!" Jisung said and layed his head on his desk "I'm already tired of this!" Jisung yelled and someone came to his desk in his worst time "Excuse me..." Seungmin said "WHAT!?" Jisung yelled and Seungmin just handed Jisung an envelope.

"I'm having a party tomorrow night at 7:30 PM, everyone in Class skz is invited including you" Seungmin said and walked away.

"I have a chance here!" Jisung said "Okay good luck..." Chan said and WooJin gave him a thumbs up.

Minho was walking to the hall, probably finding Chan when Seungmin also gave him an envelope "I'm having a party tomorrow night at 7:30 PM, everyone in Class skz is invited including you" Seungmin said and walked away.

Minho just put the envelope in his bag and thinked if he should go.

When he finally found Chan, he told him about the party and they talked about what should they do and should they go early or late.

"it's up to WooJin actually" Chan said and Minho was annoyed when he said WooJin's name "We'll pick you up and Jisung and go to the party" Chan said and Minho's smile dropped when he heard his enemy is going to the party as well "Is he really going?" Minho asked "He's WooJin's best friend, get used to him and also you two look good together" Chan said and winked "Ew! Yuck!" Minho said and Chan just laughed.

"Just prepare for the party and wait outside for us, we will probably pick you up first since your house is closer than Jisung's so..." Chan already planned it out and Minho just kept nodding and nodding.

Short chapter, I know but at least it's 500+ words usually I would go for 600+ words but yolo

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