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{ Aqua POV }

I was getting ready for my date with Branson. I decided to wear my short shorts with my favorite Boss crop top. I grabbed my all black vans too.

I went the all natural look with just a tad bit of mascara.

As I finished there was a knock on the door.

I grabbed my phone and my purse and headed down stairs. I completely had no one to say good bye to considering that my parents come back tomorrow, so I decided to say goodbye to my dog Tippy.

I opened the door and saw Branson holding a rosé in his hand.

"Here you go my pretty." He said handing the rose to me.

"Haha thanks you sided like the wicked witch of the west when you said my pretty." I laughed.

Branson face was a bloodshot red. Probably because of me totally making fun of him.

"Shall we go?" He asked.

I laughed and followed him over to his car. He opened the door for me and I got in.

He's such a gentleman I thought.

We drove off to whichever place he was taking me. He turned on the radio and my favorite song was on.


Branson looked at me like I was making a fool of myself. In which I probably was.

I just sat there and smiled cause I didn't have nothing to say.

Me: I think I made a fool of myself to Branson

Beyonce: so?

Beyonce: you do that with every guy you meet and that's why you're forever single

Me: -.- thanks for making me feel better

{ conversation with Joey }

Me: Joey Leah told me I'm gonna fuck up this date with Branson give me a nice pep talk

Joey: okay I got chu

Joey: you will probably do great

Joey: no your hair isn't fucked up like always

Joey: no your breath don't stink

Joey: no your not ashy

Joey: will you die alone?

Joey: probably

Joey: but that doesn't mean you will fuck up the date

Joey: P.S I totally ship

Me: great pep talk thanks

Me: and I came up with that ship all I have to do is at least get it to float

Joey: see this is why you're single.. Texting on your date and shit

Joey: bitch he's probably like this piece of shit aint even paying attention to me

"Aqua we're here." Branson said getting out of the car coming over to my side and opening the door.

"Oh you brought me to Taco Bell, so romantic." I said sarcastically.

I wonder if he noticed the sarcasm.

Me: this betch brought me to Taco Bell

Me: what if the ex bae still works here

Me: kill me now

Joey: would you shut the fuck up and be fucking grateful damn

Me: oh sorry I thought I was texting Leah

Joey: that hurt my feelings :'(

"Do you not like Taco Bell?" He asked.

"It's just that I have a ex that works here and we had a rough break up." I said remembering what happened.

{ flashback }

"Your so fucking stupid. That is why I was fucking dared to date you. You push everyone the fuck away even when they fucking care about you." Robert yelled before slamming my front door.

{ end of flashback }

"Oh we can go somewhere else if you like?" He asked concerned.

"Nah it's chill fam. Ill just stick with it." I said walking into Taco Bell.

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