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They said it was suppose to be easy, they said no one would fight over me, but all they seemed to be doing lately is fight. It's funny because they've separated- only having to see each other when i move from Dads house to Moms.

"Fay" Dad spoke, breaking me from my thoughts, humming i looked up from my book seeing him in his scrubs.

"time to go to moms" he whispered, pressing a kiss to my head, i sighed softly, fixing the glasses on my face. "why can't i stay with you for another week-" "pretty girl you know it's shared custody." He replied.

With a huff i gathered my things, saying goodbye to Luke, Ashton and Mikey seeing them in their scrubs as well. "bye guys, i'll see you next week" i gave each one a hug, planting my bag into dads car.

I was nervous, not about going to my moms, but meeting her new boyfriend, she told me not to tell dad but i wasn't sure why, but i understood now. He didn't look like he had a soul, he looked empty inside.

"Faith, baby" mom smiled, wrapped her arms around me, "how was Calum's?" she mumbled into my hair, i cringed at how she said dads name. "it was fine mom, it was like any other week" i whispered, pulling away.

"oh! honey i'd like you to meet Matthew, my new boyfriend" She pressed a kiss to his lips and i held in a gag, maybe he was the one she cheated on with when she was with dad, of course none of my parents knew that i knew but it was mine and Luke's little secret.

Dinner was awkward, all i could do was push my food around my plate, i kept my eyes down the whole time until i was spoken too. "So Faith, tell me about yourself" Matthew spoke, my eyes flickering to my mom she nodded, encouraging me to speak. "Uh, well i'm sixteen.. seventeen in a few months, i'm an all A student and i want to be a doctor like my dad" i smiled proudly before it dropping instantly as i heard my mom laugh.

"honey, don't speak about your father in front of Matthew, it's disrespectful-" "How! i'm proud of dad and i want to follow his footsteps" i was cut off as i felt a sharp sting to my cheek, pressing my hand to my cheek, tears clouded my vision. "don't speak to your mother like that!" with a nod i dropped my head to my lap, waiting for my mum to defend me,  but her words never came.

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