We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

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Jasmine's POV

"You may have bested me in video games, but I will beat you in cricket racing." Ravi declares. Ravi and Luke were in a competitive mood right now, and Luke just bested Ravi in video games. So, Ravi is determined to beat Luke in cricket racing. I don't know why he chose this, probably because he has thousands of them for Mrs. Kipling.

I was just sitting there, eating a bowl of grapes.

"I doubt it. My cricket's on performance-enhancing lettuce." Luke challenges and I tilt my head in confusion.

Ravi opened his hand and the cricket leaped away.

"Uh oh. Mine hopped away. Mrs. Kipling will kill me if I lose her lunch." Ravi gasps, searching for the cricket. Luke and I scrunch our eyebrows in confusion. "I am not kidding. My life is constantly in danger."

Props to Ravi for living on the edge everyday. I heard chirping and turned to see the cricket sitting on the edge of the pot on the oven.

"There he is! He's about to jump into Bertram's pot!" I exclaim and we rush over to catch him.

"No! Do not jump, little fellow!" Ravi cries but the cricket dives into the pot.

"Uh-oh." I mutter.

"Well, it's official. Bertram's cooking is fatal." Luke concludes. I nudge his rib and he nudges me back.

Bertram walks in wearing an fancy suit and silver container for his food. We awkwardly move away from the pot, hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Whoa, you are looking very snazzy, Bertram." I grin at him.

"I'm going to The Fairfield Cooking Competition. I've been tweaking my lobster bisque all day." Bertram chuckles, moving the pot into the counter. He tastes the bisque and gasp, causing us to gasp. "Perfect! It's alive with flavor!"

"He has no idea." Ravi mutters to us and this catches Bertram's attention.

"What was that?" He asks as he pours the bisque into the container.

"Nothing." Luke shrugs and nudges Ravi.

"Ravi, I know you'll tell me the truth." Bertram says to Ravi. "Did you three do something to my soup?"

I didn't move, because I didn't want to make a mistake. I hate lying, but I do it every once in a while. Besides, this was Ravi's problem.

"Uh... Absolutely not." Ravi lies and I was shocked to hear him lie.

"Good." Bertram grins, picking up the container. "Now if you'll excuse me, my bisque and I are going to go beat those other butlers like an egg white fritata!" Bertram eagerly leaves the kitchen and I felt incredibly guilty.

"I cannot believe I lied right to his face." Ravi sighs before smiling. "What a rush!"

"See? When done correctly, lying is sort of like a super power." Luke mentions and I nudge his chest. "Ow, why must you hurt me?"

"Because lying doesn't solve anything." I reason with him and Luke rolls his eyes.

"Ooh, perhaps I could make a costume!" Ravi beams. "With a cape, and boots-"

"Don't cheapen this." Luke shakes his head before leaving and I shake my head at him.

This whole lying situation could go horribly wrong.


Later, I was in the living room with Luke and Ravi. I was informed that Bertram found out that a cricket was in his soup and Ravi lied again. Except this time, Bertram believed that lie and the character description Ravi gave him. Apparently, Bertram knows someone like that and left to go talk to this person. It's Nigel Pettigrew, a butler that Bertram is enemies with and Ravi is freaking out. If anything, this is Luke's fault and I'll say why.

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