Day 8: The Sun cont. II

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"What now?" I asked, my annoyance with my feelings and his role within them vanishing as the reality of Heidi Blake slipping through my fingers hit me. "What do you mean she's leaving? Where is she going?"

"Turning in for the night," he shrugged before glancing down the hall towards a bank of elevators. "Do you have any Snow Bunnies on you?"

"What? Do I look like I have a pair of boots on me? How do you know she's heading to her room?"

"Can you get a pair? As in right now?"

"Maybe," I said with a growl as I crossed my arms and squared my shoulders, "but not until you talk. What did you do while I was with Sophie."

"Not much," he answered with a careless shake of his head. "I made my way to my side of the hall and saw a booth sitting up on a fairly tall platform with a bunch of buff bodyguards hanging around at the base of it. I assumed the brunette you were looking for was the one sitting at the center of the booth and so I did as told and stood there watching. Though I tried to be subtle about it, my understanding is that young women can be very perceptive of these things, and so are their bodyguards."

"Oh no," I gasped, "did they think you were creeping on her and threatened you to leave?"

"I don't know," he answered, scratching his chin as he gazed up at the ceiling. "Perhaps the guards thought that initially, but one of the young women came down and asked me to join them. The guards didn't stop me and then I was introduced to Heidi."

"You were what?" Again, my face resembled Sophie's constant state of surprise. I was beginning to think that she was rubbing off on me.

"She asked me my name and when I told her I didn't have a last name, many is the circle made a delighted oohing noise and Heidi seemed particularly intrigued. They asked my age and I told them I was far too old, which was met with a response that they were all adults there and that Heidi had a taste for older men."

"Hold on," I said, putting my hand out to pause his lackadaisical retelling of a less than casual encounter. "Are you telling me Heidi Blake was hitting on you?"

"I admit, elf culture and human culture varies greatly, but matters of romance does tend to be very similar. So I would say yes."

"What...what did you do?" I asked, my voice tinged with a mix of awe and disgust, which may or may not have stemmed from a sudden spring of jealousy within me.

"I asked what she was implying and she said that if I wanted to know more I should stop by her room in 3301. Apparently, that's one of the hotel's penthouse suites and her gang was going to be heading up there shortly to continue the party in a quieter setting."

"Then why did we leave!" I shouted, my wide eyes looking back at the bouncers I knew wouldn't be letting us in again. "If they're heading up soon..."

"We have about an hour, they're waiting for some guy to arrive that is a singer of some sort. Now, you could have tried to talk to her, but given the number of guards that were visible, plus the number that were likely incognito, I doubt you would have made it up anyway since you have no connection with her."

"Or because I have no attractive masculine features," I grumbled.

"So, I suggest we gift a pair of Snow Bunnies to Heidi and leave them at her penthouse. I'll say they're from me so that it's not completely strange to have them miraculously appear."

"She gave you a key?" I asked, my eyes wide as I waited for him to retrieve a magical card from his pocket.

"No, she isn't that foolish, thankfully," he said with a playful laugh. "That's why she told me they'd be going up in about an hour. She told me to come over around two o'clock so they could let me in."

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