Chapter 2

Choi's POV


"Pasensya na. Sorry po." The guy said.

Psh. Is he insulting me? Sorry? That's the wrong word I've ever heard! Kung ok ang sorry, edi sana wala ng pulis pa! Stupid!

Rio grabbed his necktie. "Sorry? Inuubos mo ba ang pasensya namin? T*ngina mo! Sarap mo paglaruan tol! Haha!" Rio yelled at him. He's just kidding but dang, it feels like he's serious.

"Rio, stop. It's not yet time for another round. Tsk!" Sumi said and get some cigar in his pocket.

He faced me. "Want some, Choi?" He asked.

I shooked my head. "Nope. Let's go and let that shit!" I said while pointing the guy.

Rio immediately let the guy run away. "Happy? Coz I'm happy~ yeah~" Psh. Gung-gung talaga.


Sumi gave him a mild punch in his shoulder. "Ouchie!" Rio reacted. "Gulo mo." Sumi said.

Sumi lighted his cigar.

"Kakainggit naman, Sumi! Penge akong cigar." -Rio

"No." -Sumi

"Edi wag! Damot!" Rio said and acted like he wants Sumi to get annoyed.

"Let's go to the airport before it's too late." I break their long stupid conversion.

We walked towards the parking lot.

Ng makarating na kami sa parking lot, pumasok na kami sa kanya-kanya naming sasakyan. Don't expect us to ride in the same car.

I on the engine and both of them do the same thing. I grabbed my phone and texted them.

To: Sumi Roberts and Rio Maktel

Both of you, follow my car.


From: Sumi Roberts

K, Choi. Just drive as fast as you can 'coz I'm not used to drive in a lower rate.


From: Rio Maktel

Aye! Aye, Choi! Bilisan mo lang ang pagdadrive dude ha? At baka maka overtake pa ako sayo! XD

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