Chapter 4: Rocky

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Rocky: My parents had a forbidden love. My parents are from two different gangs. The two gangs where enemies...

In New York three years ago a female dog walked down on a street on her gangs territory. As she is walking a car came whit hight speed and hit her when the dog cross the streat. She landed 100 meters away whit a lot of wounds and a broken leg. Seven hours later she woke up, the streets were empty. She was trying to go home, but a sound stop her. She saw four dogs from the other gang blocking her way.

???: Well, well, well...what do we got here. You are in our territory.
The girl: I'm trying to get home, let me go.
Jassy: Oh no...we not. Let's beat her.
Luck: Stop. Let her alone.
Jassy: Luck, you know the rules.
Luck: I'm the one who made the rules! Everybody, back to the factory, I'll come soon. Brandy, you are in charge. Now go.
Brandy: Let's go.

The 3 dogs gone to the factory. Luck helped her up and walk.

Luck: You are lucky. If I wasn't there you could be dead. What's your name?
Zoe: Zoe.
Luck: Nice to meet you. Where do you live?
Zoe: At the formar bar, three blocks here.
Luck: You can walk alone?
Zoe: Maybe.

Zoe try to walk alone but she collapse. She was too hurt to walk alone such a distance.

Luck: Look. You have a friend, a family or something?
Zoe: No, just the gang. They will come for me. I hope.
Luck: Lead me. I'll help you to got there.
Zoe: Thank you.

The two dogs walk up on the street until they arrive to the border between the two territory. Luck stop for a minute. He takes a deep breath and continue.

Zoe: Are you scared?
Luck: A little bit.
Zoe: Look if you don't wanna do this you don't have to. Live me there and the others will come for me.
Luck: It's okay. Let's go.

At the halfway she collapsed again. Luck lifted her and carry her on his back.

Zoe: By the way why did you save me? We are enemies. Or not?
Luck: You are hurt and alone. It was not fair. And for another, you are pretty.
Zoe: Oh, you are nice too.
Luck: Tell me, if you had a pup, how did you call him?
Zoe: What kind of alpha male are you? (She said laughing.) Rocky. If I had a son I name him Rocky.
Luck: Nice name. I like it.
???: Stop! Who are you and what did you do whit Zoe!
Zoe: Alpha, it's okay he saved me. He is Luck.
Alpha: Luck!? The leader of the other gang!?
Luck: Yes. I think she belongs here.

Luck helped her down. While that happened, Zoe whispered something in his ear. Two dogs came after her and carried her in the bar.
Alpha: Thank you, but now leave.

Luck nodded as he turned around walk back to his territory. Meanwhile in the factory, where the other gang was, are planing an attack against the other gang. When Luck arrived they share the plan whit him. He rejected the idea.

Luck: It's peace now. I don't want a war.
Jassy: What's wrong whit you!? You never done this before!
Luck: I don't want a war. That's all. Now I go to sleep.

After he fall asleep she started her speech.

Jassy: That bitch took his mind. He is always trying too take over the other gang. I say let's kill her.

Next day Luck is waiting in a dead-end street. From the shadows Zoe came out. She is still hurt but in better shape. They talked a lot, finally the two dogs decided to have pups. After ten minutes they finished.

Zoe: That was great. Now I have to go. See ya next week?
Luck: Sure.

Zoe took a walk back just to see her squad beated.

Zoe: What happend?
Alpha: Your friend's gang came here to find you. They out numbered us. You are okay?
Zoe: Sure.
Alpha: That's great, now...wait. what's that smell?
Zoe: Ahh nothing.
Alpha: You mate whit somebody?! You are my girlfriend! Why did you do this!?
Zoe: He is a better company. And much nice than you.
Alpha: Oh yeah...than go live whit him! Go! You have two minutes.

Zoe run away faster than she did before. Now what she will do? She can't go back, she can't go to live whit Luck. She hide in the dead-end street where she was before that. After two hours Luck came too.

Luck: Zoe? What are you doing here?
Zoe: I lost everything.
Luck: No you don't, you have me. I will be whit you always now.
Zoe: You lost your gang too?
Luck: Yes. The out numbered me.

The two dogs decided to stay there. The time passed and a little pup named Rocky was born. Meanwhile a war was started between the two gangs which ended after a year. Rocky is now one year old. Zoe is fully recovered from everything. The date is 23 Nov. when the two gang found them. They want revenge. The three run to the train station, when they arrived Zoe and Rocky jumped up on a train. Luck stoped running.

Rocky: Dad what are you doing.
Luck: I protect you.

The train moved to south as Luck  fought the other dogs. They never seen him again. Zoe and Rocky are traveling whit the train. A day latter some foot steps can be hear.

Zoe: Rocky hide. And remember. If you don't see me, get off the train, no matter what is happening.

Rocky did what his mother said. Two man came in the waggon. They took her when they saw Zoe. After two more hours the train stops. Rocky run out and find himself landing on Skye.

Rocky: And you guys know what happend.
Erik: Did you see your mother again?
Rocky: Never again. Well who comes?
Which lady?
Everest: Well it's my turn.

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