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It was how he protected me and part of my heart that made me realise the veracity.

I knew his capabilities but yet I was shattered by every move he made; I was scared about how he would handle situations that made his anger rise and unleash another side of him that not even him could control. The challenge was more than getting through to him and the ever folding hitches but fighting out the demons in him that held him captive.

I tried to fight against the darkness even if I felt every ounce of hatred towards his rude attitude and confusing emotions which had me under a spell of inquisitiveness, the mystery he held onto so dear wasn't going to slip with a simple love story there had to be more than that.

I felt that unexplainable feeling towards the end, I felt was sickish but I wasn't really sick and I didn't have a head cold but I felt terribly wrong and I could never get comfortable or find something that I was into but I felt too ill to eat or sleep and my body was telling me things I tried to block out.

Cinderella never asked for a prince but got a night off and a dress. I never asked for these feeling so in return I got a beautiful tragedy.

I would apologise regularly for being so sad when I didn't know why and asked him to be careful with me. I maybe shouldn't be running away but towards the blur at the end that I will soon discover if I get close enough. I apologise in advance to all the people who I hurt in the process of hurting .There will be a time you're than once when your surroundings become so desolated that you're left with is yourself and a beating heart; you learn the beat of it and study every emotion it might feel and what things make you tick because otherwise you'll never understanding what your inclination is.

That was probably what made him act out in vexation.

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