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The Prince And The Pauper

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Devonne Abel is a strong-willed and stubborn 21 year-old, who lives in the poorest area of town, and struggles to get through each day. Driven to look after Gordie, her 10 year-old brother, she works her hardest to earn enough money to keep a roof over her own head, as well as take care of her brother who is in a coma. With her parents out of the picture, Gordie is all she has, and refuses to let the hospital send off her brother to another hospital, knowing she couldn't afford the move, and she'd lose her brother for good. With no other option she is forced to get another job in order to keep her brother with her.
Harry Styles is a confident, famous twenty-five year-old, and is the son of the billionaire Drake Styles.

When Devonne and Harry's paths cross, they clash instantly, and Devonne has no problem in telling Harry just how much she despises him and his wealthy father, and anybody else in his financial position. Despite Devonne's un-relenting hatred, Harry is intrigued by Devonne, not used to being told 'no' or having anybody put him back into place, something Devonne is clearly very good at doing.

Harry is determined to change Devonne's mind, and Devonne is determined to protect her brother, and the two embark on a journey guaranteed to be filled with hatred, rude remarks, crossed lines, potential romance, and tears.

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