19. Blush

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I was sitting in class, talking to Yoongi who was on my right while Taehyung had his arm around the other side of me. 

"So since when did you two become so... lovey dovey?" Yoongi raised a brow and watched as Taehyung reached over and grasped my hand with his free hand.

"Since when did you start a three way relationship between you, Jimin and Hobi?" Tae shot back calmly, shutting Yoongi up.

"Wait, what-" 

"Nothing" Yoongi glared at Tae.

I pouted. How come everyone seems to know whats going on except me...?

"Not fair~" I whine, and Taehyung chuckles.

He pecks my cheek, "Cute"

I turn to him and give him my fiercest glare, "I am not cute!"

He shoots me a cheeky smile, unaffected by my glare, "Your'e so damn cute" 

I roll my eyes as he teases me, hoping and praying that my blush isn't noticeable. But my luck is as good as a donkeys behind.

"Aww~ is my little Koo blushing?" His smile widens, and turns into a cute boxy smile.

My pout deepens, and i smack his arm lightly, despite knowing i really did enjoy it. He laughed at my reaction, and i let a smile creep across my face as i admired how handsome Tae was.

Yoongi POV

To say i was shocked was an understatement. I had never, ever, seen Taehyung act like this... Like he was in love. Or maybe he is finally finding love, but that concept seems so strange and alien to me that it just can't sink in.

He has never been into holding hands, or acting cute, or teasing his partner with a non-sexual intention involved, it was scary. But then again they say love changes people... I just hope he learns to keep and treasure Kook before doing something stupid.

To be honest, they both seem very happy together, i can't wait to see Jimin and Hobi's reaction... speaking of which...

Flashback to the party

"Jimin? Jimin, where are yo-" I opened the door.

I froze on the spot, eyes wide as i took in the scene in front of me. I had lost Jimin in the crowd of the party, and then tried to find Hoseok, but i couldn't find him either. But now i had found both of them...

Jimin had Hobi pinned to the bed, both naked. They hadn't done anything, yet, but it was clear that they were about to. Although, I was a bit baffled, I didn't feel shocked or hurt.

The two looked up, and Jimin's surprised face contorted into one of fear.

He hurriedly jumped up, ready to leap at Yoongi and throw any numerous amounts excuses and apologies towards his boyfriend whom he wouldn't be able to live without.

But all i could get out was, "No way, what the fuck, was Jimin just about to top?" 

Jimin froze, confusion written on his face as Hobi raised his eyebrows. 

Jimin's mouth opened and closed a couple of times before he shook his head and stared at me in bewilderment.


"Yoongibear, wrong time" Hobi laughed softly.

Jimin looked back and forth between us, before blurting out, "What the hell, only i can call him that!"

"Well... I thought i was the only one that had you in bed but that was wrong baby" I smirked. Jimin flushed, and bit his lip.

"Baby, no, please... it's not what it loo-"

"Oh yes it is, cut the crap" Hoseok groaned, rolling his eyes playfully. Jimin sent him a death glare. Oh cute, my two lovers are playing.

"Jimin... it's fine" I state calmly, yet my heart beat rather fast... 

I mean, wouldn't your heart pound at the thought of being able to openly love the two men you've fallen so deeply for? Yes i am in love with both Hoseok and Jimin, and i want them to finally realize that.

He frowns, and i pull him towards me, "I actually have a confession to make..."

End of flashback

Well it turns out all three of us had fallen for each other, which resulted in us all agreeing to date one another.

But then the two asses decided to make me bottom last night, since i made fun of Jimin being a bottom... Lets just say i had to take a lot of painkillers so that i could walk properly afterwards. I mean, one dick up my ass was enough, but two? Fuck me. Literally, because it surprisingly was kinda good.

It was now lunch, and we were all seated except for -

"Nooo~ TaeTae come back..!" The cafeteria doors flew open and Taehyung came waltzing in while a pouting Jungkook stayed put near the doors.

Taehyung stopped and turned to look at the sad boy, "Aww is my little Koo sad?" 

Jungkook just glares at him and Tae lets out a chuckle at the boys stubbornness before making his way back to Jungkook.

Jungkook makes grabby hands at Tae and he giggles happily when he gets picked up. The whole cafeteria watches in astonishment as they witnessed Taehyung acting like a softie for the cute innocent little bunny. Taehyung takes his seat at the table, placing kook on his lap and everyone stares at them with their mouths open.

Soon Jungkook realizes it's gone rather quiet, and immediately hides his head in the crook of Tae's neck out of shyness when he sees everyone looking at them. Taehyung raises an eyebrow, but then understands, visibly getting irked that they were being stared at. 

Taehyung snarls, "What the fuck do you bitch asses think you're looking at?"

All the others snap back into reality and quickly returned to what they were originally doing.

"Uh" Jin lets out, unsure of what to do or say.

It was silent.

"What, um...you, Kook, love, cuddle, cute? What the fuck" Namjoon squints his eyes, then shakes his head, before giving up and reaching for the french frys on the table. And stuffing one up each nostril.

Jimin gives a disgusted look, "and you say i got no jams.."

"Shut it Jimin, your retarded" Jin snaps.

"Says you, your boyfriend is busy stuffing food up his nose" I growl, defensive.

"You are one to talk, all three of you," Namjoon points to me, Jimin and Hoseok, "Have been sneaking around in secrecy to fuck each other, in turn making sure the one left out didn't know"

"Bitch how the fuck did you know-"

"IQ of 148"  

"Sure looks like it" Taehyung snorts, and Namjoon smirks.

"Oh please, we can all clearly see dear little Kookie here is breaking your so called 'playboy heart'"

Tae glares at him while Jungkook blushes, catching Taehyung's attention.

"Aww baby is blushing~"

"Taehyungie nooo" Jungkook whines out, more embarrassed now that Tae outed him. But i couldn't help the knowing smile that crossed my face as i saw Tae's eyes widen at the cute nickname, immediately getting a soft blush on his cheeks.

Whether he knows it or not, he's already fallen for him... Let's just hope he knows before he breaks both their hearts


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