Everything About Operto Guest Technologies CEO

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Michael Driedger has more two decades of experience in architecture, building structure and development with an enthusiasm for energy efficiency, sustainability, and intelligent systems intended to improve our overall quality of life.

Michael Driedger established Edge Consultants in 2012 to give sustainable building services to customers in the Middle East, North America and Europe. While giving green structure services to probably the biggest hotel providers in Riyadh he was staggered by how hotels use as a lot of vitality as an outpatient hospital. It was this insight and standing in line at the check in work area following a 30 hour journey from Vancouver BC, Canada, that prompted an interest to change building innovation in the world of accommodation.

Mr. Driedger is right now the CEO of Operto Guest Technologies and on its top managerial staff with Executive Chairman Darren Huston. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

In 2016 Mr. Driedger spun a software company out of Edge Consultants to address the lack of connected software solutions in buildings (most specifically accommodation) and co-founded Operto Guest Technologies. The company brings building technology advancements to the fast paced world of accommodation.

Since its introduction in 2016, Operto has revolutionized the way that hotels manage rooms, check in, energy and even air quality. The product is now being used in six countries around the world.

Mr. Driedger is passionate about commercializing IoT technology to solve guest experience, sustainability and cost efficiency challenges in hotels and short term property and vacation rentals.

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