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They both thought that they had missed out on each other, but neither was aware that they were each other's true love. He was the most beautiful memory of her youth, and she was the the purest, most precious dream of his young self. 

The entire room was filled with their melodious voices. This was a new song, but they had both noticed the song without the other party realizing it, because when they were young, they had each other, and they still held on to that love. 

The colorful spotted lights kept rotating, the rays hitting their faces. 

She glanced up at him, warm and gentle. 

He returned her gaze, his own blurry and deep. 

Deep in her heart, Isabelle silently recited: Alexander, I love you. 

Deep in his heart, Alexander spoke with mixed feelings: Isabelle, I love you. 


This is the third and final book in the "BNHH" Series.

You must read the first two books ("BNHH" and "BNHH II") in order to understand this one as it is a continuation.

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