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Ooooh chileee y'all. There's only two more chapters left of this book after this. How the hell we get here? I'm shook. Anywhoooooooooo strap y'all asses in, and think of this as the calm before the storm.


I woke up the next morning to an empty bed

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I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. When I glanced over at the bedside alarm clock, the time read 8:17am. I was a little confused as to where Christian was, but those questions were quickly answered as the smell of bacon flooded my nostrils. I moved to sit up, yet ended up plopping back down on the mattress. The soreness that shot straight through me, instantly jogged my memory of the sinful acts Christian and I had done the previous night.

That brought a smile to my lips.

Was it bad that I wanted to do it again? And again? And like ten gazillion times more after that?

Just the thought of what we did last night, gave me a massive hard on. I did my best to climb out of bed with minimal pain.

When I made it out into the living room, my cock grew hard all over again.

Christian was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He was scrambling some eggs while bacon sizzled on the nearby pan. To add to this beautiful sight, Christian was also in nothing but his briefs. When his eyes met mine, he smiled.

"Well good morning, love. I woke up hungry, and you looked so peaceful sleeping, I thought I'd take care of breakfast myself." He spoke as he poured the rest of the egg onto the fire.

"It smells amazing." I replied, rubbing the rest of the sleep from my eyes. He moved around the kitchen island to pull me in for a kiss. I immediately felt self conscious of my morning breath when he pulled away. He tasted like mint. I probably tasted like death itself.

"I'm just surprised your cooking."

Christian rolled his eyes at me. "I'm an excellent cook, if I do say so myself."

"I thought you had a butler for that?" I teased.

"I do. And we could of had breakfast in bed if we were at my place. But you clearly wanted to show off your clean apartment, so here we are." He teased back. My eyes grew wide in shock.

He noticed.

As if Christian could hear my thoughts, he added "And of course I noticed. This place is so damn clean, I wouldn't be surprised if you folded the towels into little swans in your bathroom."

Truth be told, I did try doing that yesterday... but Christian didn't need to know that. Wasn't sure why I even attempted it, considering I couldn't do basic origami to save my life. Finally, I settled on just rolling them up neatly.

"Have a seat." Christian gestured towards the barstools next to the kitchen island. I slowly lowered myself onto one. Christian immediately noticed my struggle, and he gave me a shameless grin. "Was I a little too rough last night?" He asked.

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